Rob Poulos On Nutrient Rich, Organic Superfood Smoothies

“If you’re like me, you live a pretty fast-paced, active, dynamic life.

You believe in healthy sit-down meals when there’s time. But on action-packed days when that just isn’t in the cards; what happens?

Too often, you’re forced to grab convenience food in a hurry when you’re busy or low on energy. It happens to all of us—no matter how informed, how high our standards, or how good our intentions!

So how do you stay fueled in a truly healthy way when life is hectic?

My good friend John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM,” founder of Nutrient Rich® Life and the healthy, Performance Lifestyle® set out to create a solution for on-the-go-healthy eating that met our standards and yours: eat-anywhere convenience, delicious satisfying taste, and real-food nutrition.

His brand-new NUTRIENT-RICH ORGANIC SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIES are delicious organic superfood smoothies made with real fruits and vegetables—plus chia seeds and Vitamin D & B12. They literally “infuse” your body with nourishment that fuels you, detoxifies you, stabilizes and strengthens you and as a bonus, optimizes the way you eat, next.

Now, no matter how fast you’re moving, you don’t have to compromise on nutrition, health, taste or convenience anymore and now you’re toughest meal times will become your easiest.

ORGANIC SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIES make healthy eating easier than it’s ever been, no matter where you are or what you’re up to!

This is a breakthrough in snacks and mini-meals with unparalleled standards: organic, non-GMO ingredients; eco-friendly portable packaging; and choice superfoods and nutrients loaded with health benefits.

They contain no preservatives and no artificial flavors—just nutrient- and fiber-rich food with essential supplements…in a convenient flexible pouch that needs no refrigeration.

It’s like getting a fresh homemade smoothie without the preparation, mess, or cleanup!

This is pure, quality food without unnecessary ingredients, in as close to its natural state as possible—fast!—so that your snack works for you, not against you.

Enjoy and we’ll talk soon!

Rob Poulos

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