Hey, want to go out to eat?

“Hey John, want to go out to eat?” “Sure”, I say.

“Great, where can you eat”, they ask…

They ask this because they know I’m “conscious” about the food I eat.

But so many years after I raised my food standard, I still think it’s funny that someone would ask me that. In my own mind I’m thinking wherever I can get some quality food. and I know plenty of places as you can imagine.

But I understand why they ask. I tend to eat nutrient rich food because that’s what I like. I’m into eating foods that taste great and promote my health and personal success at the same time. I don’t want to eat and feel lame afterwards, or have to spend time tomorrow making up for what I did or didn’t eat today.

So I end up replying… “I can eat anywhere, but I know of this great place that…” And we always have an amazing food experience.

This all brings up a couple questions. Isn’t it strange how so few of us are actually aware of what we’re putting into our bodies today; what our bodies will use in the process of our nutrition (growth and development)?

Or, that we’d even consider eating the nutrient poor foods we’re being served so commonly today? Especially when so many of us are battling overweight and a variety of lifestyle induced diseases?

Well, most of us just aren’t aware of the Nutrient Rich food idea I’m talking about, yet. We think we’re eating in a way that’s relatively healthy, but we’re not.

As a result, we’re caught up in what I call diet traps. And we don’t know it because most people eat the same way… nutrient poor, and they get the same results; what seems normal.

This is my first post to this blog here at nutrientrich.com; get ready for an incredible period of discovery.

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