Go from High Cholesterol to Low Cholesterol – Part III

How to make sure you’re no longer a candidate for the 50% group of unfortunate, and I dare say (compassionately) ignorant individuals who think they’re eating healthy, but dying of heart disease and strokes?

This is a very easy question to answer and a complex one at the same time.

Changing your diet from nutrient poor to Nutrient Rich is simple and but it is also complex at the same time, because you don’t change your diet over night and there is allot to learn about the transition

What I want to highlight here in Part III of this cholesterol protection series is this – eating a Nutrient Rich diet is your answer to the cholesterol issue.

Your cholesterol really only goes up if:

  1. You have a predetermined genetic tendency
  2. If you eat foods that contain dietary cholesterol or
  3. Eat foods that cause your body to produce more cholesterol…

Here’s how to make sure you’re no longer a candidate for the 50% group of unfortunate, and I dare say (compassionately) ignorant individuals who think they’re eating healthy, but dying of heart disease and strokes

You want to be eating a Nutrient Rich diet, that works for you now and continues to get better. You don’t have to consume large amounts of cholesterol to still have a high cholesterol level; it’s the quality of the food you eat, that makes the difference.

Are you eating Nutrient Rich? Or poor?

And is a Nutrient Rich diet alone going to help you lower your cholesterol and

Some people are so far along on the path of development to heart disease, having consumed a high cholesterol diet for a long time, that at times you need the aid of natural therapies that can help reverse the trend in addition to eating better. Read Cholesterol Protection for Life by Joel Fuhrman MD. to learn more.

One of the points that Dr Fuhrman makes about lowering cholesterol, is that in addition to nutritional excellence, using natural therapies that include Polycosonol and Delta Tocotrienols have not only been shown in medical studies to lower cholesterol, but also have antioxidant effects with a broad spectrum of beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels. Pomegranates’ potent antioxidative compounds have been shown in medical studies to reverse atherosclerosis, lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Plant sterols have also been added for further cholesterol-lowering power.

Natural therapies, have been shown to help lower cholesterol as much as statins, without the toxic side effects. But the real key is the quality of the food you eat.

You don’t need to eat less to lower your cholesterol, you want to eat better Nutrient Rich foods, in great tasting ways. There is no single bigger influencer of your cholesterol levels, and of your overall health than the quality of the foods you eat.

You need to learn new foods, new recipes and the science (if you want) that more than proves the point that eating Nutrient Rich foods is the only way to go when it comes to disease proofing yourself, reversing disease (heart disease and the like), losing weight, getting healthier and just enjoying what you eat.

When it comes to food, lowering cholesterol etc… the only successful way, is the Nutrient Rich Way.

You want to have a successful lifestyle as there are other factors that increase cholesterol levels, and promote ill health.

Cholesterol is not the only indicator of health, but it is a leading one and one you want to pay attention too it. It’s just a biomarker, but it tells allot.

As I close this series, I want to draw your attention to a comment by our medical Nutritional Advisor, Joel Fuhrman M.D. that is important because it addresses the myths in people minds that prevent them from taking the right steps to solving the cholesterol issue.

In response to an article Joel Fuhrman M.D. wrote called "Heart Attack Counterattack" at DiseaseProof.com

Kitty wrote:

The patient must achieve normal cholesterol. My definition of normal is an LDL cholesterol below 100 (most authorities are now using this benchmark). Drugs are rarely needed to attain this level when an aggressive nutritional approach is taken.

a) Would you care to show some studies that the women with high HDL, excellent ratio need to achieve this level? Most studies showed that for women HDL and the triglycerides are more important than LDL.

b) A lot of people with family history cannot achieve this level with just diet – a colleague of mine is a vegetarian, slim and is a leader of a hiking club. And she has high LDL.

Joel Fuhrman MD

Kitty, I agree that a woman eating a nutrient-rich diet, with plenty of green vegetables and a high HDL and an excellent ratio would not need to achieve an LDL below 100 to be adequately protected against heart disease. However, when we consider women who are not overweight and have been eating a plant-based diet for many years, it is more typical that their HDL and triglycerides are low, but their low LDL is protective. You do not need a high HDL if your LDL is good enough.

I disagree with your next point that a lot of people with a family history cannot achieve this level with just diet. I have cared for thousands of patients with high cholesterol over the last 15 years with my Eat To Live (high micronutrient) diet and there is only a small minority who cannot achieve those beneficial levels. Occasionally it takes years to get there, but it eventually does in the vast majority of cases. Being a vegetarian is not the issue. Most vegetarians eat refined grains, oils and processed foods. Your friend may see a dramatic improvement in her numbers if she reads Eat to Live and then tweaks her diet to fit my recommendations. On the other hand, I too, have observed the occasional case that still has a high LDL, but that is rare.

I hope this series has been eye opening for you.

See Part IV – Go from high to low cholesterol Part IV

Here are some resources for you if you haven’t clicked on them in the series:

The Nutrient Rich Lifestyle System

Cholesterol Protection for Life by Joel Fuhrman MD.

2 thoughts on “Go from High Cholesterol to Low Cholesterol – Part III”

  1. Hi Jesse,

    Actually, eating Nutrient Rich, does not mean that you eat only fruits and vegetables, by any means. Some people want to be vegetarian, I for one am not.

    I’m not sure what more information you need from my blog post to get the idea about cholesterol. What would you like to know?

    Of course if you are eating a Nutrient Rich diet, you’re not going to have much issue with cholesterol.

    John Allen

  2. Is this just really all about getting people to eat only fruits and vegetables? I’ve never met a healthy vegetarian yet.

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