Go from High Cholesterol to Low Cholesterol – Part II

A little Education Goes a Long Way

For those of you who don’t know, LDL is the bad cholesterol and your HDL is
your good Cholesterol.

LOW DENSITY LIPOPROTEINS (LDL) LDL cholesterol is the bad guy that promotes the plaques that lead to blockages and heart attacks. Thus, the more LDL-cholesterol you have in your blood, the greater your risk of heart disease.

HIGH DENSITY LIPOPRTOTEINS (HDL) cholesterol is the “good” cholesterol and carries cholesterol back to the liver for removal from the body. So a higher HDL helps keep cholesterol from building up in the walls of the arteries.

“Unfortunately the average cholesterol, is around 205”.

And with total cholesterol scores of less than 220 considered "normal" among insurance companies, and the governments recommended cholesterol level still as high as 200, most of the population is walking around as a heart attack, just waiting to happen! 

Ask any credible authority; heart attacks are unlikely to happen with a total cholesterol score of 150 or less and this is a far cry from where most of the population is.

And while you might think that high cholesterol and heart attacks run in the family, so do habits! Have you ever heard of the Framingham Heart Study?

The Framingham Heart Study is renowned for its contributions advancing the understanding, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.   With genetic data collected from two generations of Framingham families, here is what the study’s director, William Castelli, M.D., had to say…

“We’ve never had a heart attack in Framingham, in 35 years in anyone who had a cholesterol level under 150” Three-quarters of the people who in live on the face of this earth, never had a heart attack. They live in Asia, Africa and South America and their cholesterols are all around 150" – William Castelli M.D., Director Framingham Heart Study.

Here’s what Joel Fuhrman MD has to say “It has become increasingly evident that the direct elationship of cholesterol level to risk of heart attack exists at all but the very lowest cholesterol levels.  In other words, the levels thought to be acceptable in the past are not protective.

A much lower cholesterol level than average is required to be truly safe.  The lower levels thought to be truly cardiac protective are best reflected by the newest recommendations of responsible medical authorities to maintain LDL cholesterol below 100 or total cholesterol below 150 mg/dl.  Less than 10% of the adult population in  America, however, actually has cholesterol levels that meet these newest recommendations designed for more significant reduction in cardiac deaths.” – Joel Fuhrman M.D. Hunterdon County Medical Center, DrFuhrman Online.

What’s your cholesterol ratio?

Your cholesterol level is a leading "indicator" for your health and what I want to do is help you get your score under 150!

We can show you how to do this easily, without the risks and side effect of drugs and surgery and needless to say, going back to your doctor for expensive visits, drugs and blood tests every month.

See Part III – how to make sure you’re no longer a candidate for the 50% group of unfortunate, and I dare say (compassionately) ignorant individuals who think they’re eating healthy, but dying of heart disease and strokes.

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