“I Lowered My Cholesterol!”

You know the commercial where the guy who eats the breakfast cereal is going around telling everyone, “I lowered my cholesterol!” I thought that was pretty corny until I got back the results of my first checkup since discovering the Nutrient Rich lifestyle.

Now, the first thing you need to know about me is that in many respects I’m a typical guy:I’d rather drive around lost with a broken windshield in a snowstorm than ask directions to a service station, and I’d rather have all my teeth fall out than go to the dentist and be told I have a cavity.

So my last checkup wasn’t exactly recent. In fact, it was on October 12, 2001. My total cholesterol was 210, and my “bad” HDL cholesterol was 127. These days, you get numbers like those, you drive straight from the doctor’s office to the drugstore to get started on statins for life. And the funny part is, my doctor scribbled a note at the bottom of the lab results:

Much improved!
Keep up the good work.

If that was improved, what were my numbers before?

Anyway, I got another checkup this summer, same testing lab. My new numbers were total cholesterol 124, LDL 60. Holy minestrone, Batman!

I swear, for two weeks I was going around restraining myself from telling everyone I met, “I lowered my cholesterol.” I tried not to blurt it out to complete strangers. Everyone else – friends, family, colleagues, postal clerks, even some unlucky telemarketers – got an earful of my good news.

My point? For me, knowing my cholesterol is a huge piece of leverage as I continue exploring the vast world of Nutrient Rich foods. It motivates me, keeps me grounded, and is much more meaningful than just stepping on a scale twice a day to determine which pair of jeans I should wear.

What’s your leverage? What results would have you jumping for joy? Check out The China Study to see what’s possible when you eat Nutrient Rich, choose a result, and go for it!

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