What’s a little liver damage?

A study funded by drug maker Pfizer showed that high doses of their drug Lipitor cut the risk of strokes and heart attacks “more impressively than expected,” the Associated Press reported yesterday (March 9, 2005).

Researchers also noted that “some patients developed liver problems that forced them to stop taking the medication” and “more study was needed to establish its (Lipitor’s) safety (at high doses).

The study focused on patients with clogged heart arteries that were painful, but were not likely to lead to an immediate heart attack.

That’s great news for Pfizer, and arguably good news for some people in that risk category who want to rely on a drug with a pretty long list of side effects.

The medical-pharmaceutical establishmnent considers drugs and surgery to be the normal state of things, while lifestyle improvements are seen as “extreme” measures that ordinary people will never adopt.


There’s so little media information about safe and natural ways to lower cholesterol and prevent heart attack and stroke that if one were paranoid, one would almost believe in conspiracies.

Joel Fuhrman, MD, for example, puts his patients on an eating and herbal supplement regimen that is more effective than statin drugs in lowering cholesterol.

You can read all about it at Dr. Fuhrman’s website.

Folks, liver-damaging drugs are extreme. Open heart surgery and angioplasty are extreme.

Eating better is not extreme – it’s normal. It’s our biological heritage. It’s what every impulse in our body is driving us toward.

Given the facts and the means to transition, most people will choose to eat to avoid and prevent heart attacks and strokes. Wouldn’t you?

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