It’s no wonder the WHO sees a “global Epidemic of Chronic Disease!

I’m a little confused as to why the WHO refers to the concentrations of chronic disease in "developing nations", because last time I checked the UK, the US and Finland weren’t doing so good on the obesity and chronic disease front… check out

Here’s what they said…

"Developing countries can tackle a "global epidemic" of chronic disease by adopting cheap measures that have helped cut heart disease deaths in some rich nations by up to 70 percent, the World Health Organization (WHO) said 

Have we done that here in America, with the most expensive, 3rd from the bottom, worst healthcare system in the world?

When I was reading My Yahoo today and came accross this article, I thought to myself once again "it’s no wonder disease rates are the way they are… we are eating not only nutrient poor food, the nutrient poor food we’re eating, is full of shit! I literally mean shit from other animals, and junk, and poison and stimulants etc.

Now I don’t want to get rebellious here or out of line. But there is a reason why even the government made the point in the 2005 dietary guidelines that we need to eat more nutrient dense food – 29 times. Nutrient poor foods makes people overweight and sick. 

The WHO said nearly half of all deaths from heart disease, cancer, respiratory infections, strokes and diabetes — to which about 35 million people will succumb this year — were preventable!

Do you understand the reality and the implications, of what you just read? I’ll bet it’s greater than half… but we’ll go with it. That % drives the point home well enough.

Over one billion people worldwide are overweight or obese — putting them at risk of deadly heart disease — and the figure could rise to 1.5 billion in a decade, the report warned.

About 22 million children under age five are overweight.

"Child obesity was "a number one public health problem," and talks are scheduled next week with the food and beverage industry to discuss a "plan of action,"

Well I have plan, and it’s the best plan. Eat Nutrient Rich food, in great tasting ways and you are instantly on a different path. You are headed for health. You can get healthier, lose weight and enjoy food all at the same time.

And I mean you will enjoy food!

To all my readers, take these numbers serious, are you one of them?

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