The New Pixie Sticks! They Are Real Whole Food!

Joel Fuhrman M.D. has done it again. Author of the book Disease Proof Your Child, Dr Fuhrman is really tapping into the heart beat of todays kids.

Yes, they want junk food. They are being trained to want junk food, just like we were!

Do you remember when we used to eat Pixie Sticks? Those twirly straws full of sugar and artificial sweetners? Well now they’re back only they are called Pixie Vites and they’re better. Better tasting and actually better food than most of us eats all day!

100% whole foods. You have to try these things. I’m excited about them because they they will promote pleasure and healthy food at the same time, and kids will realize they have a good thing in real food. and just like adults, people want more of good thing

You will want more Pixie Vites… they are that good.

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