Join in on October 10th for 7 Days of Radiance with Katherine Miller and John Allen Mollenhauer

Do you have any idea how much more nutrient value and energy you can can get out of your plant based diet?

As someone who understands the importance of eating a nutrient dense diet, are you aware of the the ways you could be getting way more energy and nutrition out of what you eat?

In this upcoming dialog, by teleconference, I will be interviewing Katherine about how to leverage the nutrient quotient, and increase the vitality, of the foods you eat.

After thirty years of experimenting and testing the relationship between food and health, Katherine has a great deal to say about how you can optimize your diet to reach your highest health goals.Katherine understands the everyday challenges we face in making the best food choices, and the unquestioned, and often unconscious, relationship our culture has with food and health.

On this call you will learn 5 tips on how to increase the vitality of the foods you already eat:

  • simple and tasty additions that increase the nutrient value of the foods you are already eating
  • easily available plant foods you can add in to safely and gently detox without you ever knowing it
  • super effective ways to optimize your digestion, or increase your metabolism, with just a sprinkle of these foods

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Here is more about Katherine!

Katherine Miller is a master whole-foods chef and holistic health counselor with 30 years of guiding people to optimal health. Kosmic Kitchen is the expression of her passion for defining the relationship between food and radiant physical, mental, and spiritual well being. In her work with clients, she teaches whole-food mastery—the art and science of using whole-foods to attain optimal health. Katherine’s approach is holistic, based in the latest thinking in nutrition and health, and includes breathing, exercise, and meditation techniques. Her clients value her depth and range, as she helps them create shopping lists for weekly menus, or supporting recovery from serious illness, or helping them define their goals in transitioning to a vibrant and sustainable lifestyle.

Katherine is also a yoga and meditation practitioner, and enjoys building rock walls and herb gardens, walking in the forests of New England, climbing in the foothills of Boulder, and swimming in the ocean anywhere!  She currently resides in Lee, Ma with her husband and two dogs.

Register for the event here.

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