97% of People Who Eat — Need to Do This

Every body eats, but only 3% of the population eats a nutrient-rich diet. Period. There are only 3-6 million plant-based eaters in the US and plants are where most nutrients come from. And get this, not even all of this 3% are eating nutrient rich! So, 97% or more of people who eat, need to make a change, if we actually want to be healthy.

That change starts with answering the question, what to eat?

What to eat? That is the question on the minds of millions of people. Thousands of simple-minded, single-variable diets purport to have the answer. But is there really a simple answer? Yes, there is, and no there isn’t. It’s both.

For starters, there are only 3 kinds (qualities) of diets, nutrient rich, nutrient poor or nutrient barren. What to eat is answered first and foremost by the nutrient density of the food you eat. You want to eat “nutrient-rich” foods.

You don’t have to be 100% perfect, but if you want to eat healthy, you want to eat up to 90% or More Plant-Based, Nutrient Rich. That’s the simple answer. Then there’s the not-so-simple-answer. Do you want to eat vegan or not, low fat or not, high carbohydrate or not, higher amounts of protein or not, higher or lower on the glycemic index, etc. It all depends on your previous usual diet, your condition and your goals.

There is no one-diet-fits-all. There are only quality standards and guidelines, and people will implement them all differently. The question, is how are you eating right now?

If you are eating nutrient poor, you will want to make the Switch to a nutrient-rich healthy eating style sooner or later. Why not do it now? It’s incredible to have a clean body on the inside, to live at your ideal weight, and be incredibly healthy and free of disease. You’ll also age slower, look younger and live longer.

Take the Personal Diet Quality Assessment at the top of this site to determine how healthy you are eating right now, and read the guide that I put together for you, called “Wow, I Thought I Was Eating Healthy… Have you Tricked Yourself Into Believing Your Eating A Healthy Diet?”

Like many of you, I used to think I was eating healthy. But then I made a change, and switched to a nutrient-rich healthy eating style. You can read a little bit about my story here. I also put together a Plan for you to make that change. If you are too busy to make a change right now, then get started with The Nutrient Rich Whole Food Nutrition System, called Rezealiant Living. It was designed to enable you eat in a great-tasting way, when you can’t get a nutrient-rich meal. You don’t want to wholly depend on these Light and Healthy Meal Replacement products for your primary supply of protein, carbohydrate, and fat, let alone all of your nutrients, but if you are also eating a nutrient- rich healthy eating style, the Nutrient Rich Whole Food Nutrition System is the greatest way for you to…Learn More.

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