Labels are helpful, but they say nothing of quality!

The introduction of unnatural food products – so much of our nutritional information today, now has to accommodate a discussion about foods that have no healthful place being in our body to begin with, regardless of what the label says.

Quick story – I was out with a business associate the other day, and he was worried about eating an Organic whole food, meal replacement bar, because it has more calories and carbs than his Balance, Chocolate Fudge protein bar.

One was nutrient rich, the other nutrient poor in a big way, based on volume of food. He defended is nutrient poor Balance bar, which was, rich in some nutrients, but as a whole basically a candy bar with empty calories.

And it wasn’t until he understood nutrient density and the differences between a food rich in nutrients and one that is poor, that he finally got off of what was on the label.

Labels say nothing of quality!

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