Marketing spin has a way of repackaging the same ole’…

New Additions to the Kraft South Beach Diet(TM) Line Make It Easy to Go the Distance

I thought this was an important article to comment on because marketing spin has a way of repackaging the same ole’…

The South Beach Diet is a weight-loss plan that encourages people to eat a variety of foods, such as lean sources of protein, reduced fat cheeses and dairy products, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and right fats like olive and canola oil.

What is different about this than simply telling someone to each in moderation from the four food groups?

Dr Arthur Agatston says "

"It has been a great revelation to me that weight loss is not about low carbs or low fat, but the right carbs and the right fats," says Arthur Agatston, M.D and creator of The South Beach Diet. "My goal is to help change the way America eats. One thing that has been missing is the convenience factor and now these new tools make nutritious eating even easier."

Right carbs and right fats… Canola Oil? Reduced fat cheese?

Well then why are his food products "low fat" versions of foods that cause the overweight condition to begin with?

These are not Nutrient Rich Foods! Other than then the whole grains, fruits and vegetables (what I refer to as the "Wrapper") the South Beach Diet is a diet and a diet trap.

Though I must admit that improvements are being made towards a true Nutrient Rich eating plan; albeit small.

Kraft has now partnered with the South Beach Diet and while I respect that they are in business and creating a very successful business, don’t think your eating Nutrient Rich, when Kraft and South Beach say you are. You’re not! is all about helping you set up an real Nutrient Rich Lifestyle, not a watered down typical diet that is wrapped up in a Nutrient Rich message. You can eat Nutrient Rich in simple quick & easy ways… you just need to know how.

About Kraft:

Kraft Foods markets many of the world’s leading food brands, including Kraft cheese, Yuban and Maxwell House coffees, Planters nuts, Triscuit Reduced Fat crackers, Philadelphia cream cheese, Oscar Mayer meats and Post cereals in more than 155 countries.

These are not health promoting foods and they are now built into your weight loss plan!

Albeit, their new line of wraps are attempting to improve the quality of food, these food products are nutrient poor and STILL playing right into the existing diet traps most people fall for.

"Each fiber-rich tortilla is packed with real egg whites, reduced-fat cheese, meats and is microwaveable in just two minutes"… this is a low carb diet!

If you want to read the full article, go to:

If you want to lose weight the Nutrient Rich Way start eating Nutrient Rich.

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