Mariahna’s Success Story!

mar b4 aft“Two years ago, I was in Forever 21 looking for a dress in my size. When I asked the sales girl for help, she sneered and said, ”We don’t cater to people your size.” At that moment, I realized that I faced two choices: 1) I could ask her to step out and have a little one on one with her (LOL); or 2) I could do something about my big frame.

So, I decided to go for peace and a new me—thus beginning my journey for weight loss and health. First, I tried weight watchers, and then Atkins. It wasn’t like I didn’t lose any weight. I did. My problem was that it always came back. I also tried over-the-counter weight-loss drugs, which I found to be risky and unsuccessful.

Next, I tried a weight loss strategy that has been around for quite some time. It was very simple and “foolproof,” at least for some time—meal replacement beverages. First, I did some research and found that people who guzzled shakes, in place of one or two meals a day, consistently lost 7% to 8% of their body weight. That got me excited

Thanks to Slimfast, I lost 15 pounds, over the period of two months. I thought that was pretty impressive. But I didn’t take into consideration how the product was affecting my body, in the long term. I was so happy that I was losing weight, so quickly, that I did not pay attention to all of the little symptoms my body was using to tell me that it wasn’t healthy. Needless to say, I started feeling low in energy, and very dizzy, all the time. All of the euphoria of my weight loss vanished! The minute I went off Slimfast, the weight started to creep back on.

I started looking for something else to help me. With so many weight loss options available in the market, meal replacement shakes becoming more and more popular, and seeing new products being released on regular basis, in which everyone was claiming to be the best and the healthiest, I was becoming more confused every day regarding how to make right product choices. And then, finally, one day, my good friend introduced me to two healthy light meal replacement drinks—Living Feast and Living Alfalfa Leaf.

They worked! They were healthy and good for me. And, I could enjoy using them forever!

Since then, I have been using these amazing, great tasting-products daily, not just to lose weight, but also as a way of providing myself with a constant supply of energy, through nourishment, especially for my post workout. What I love most about them is that they are made from plant-based, whole food ingredients, and don’t have any artificial flavors, colors, additives, or sweeteners. Rather, they are full of antioxidants, vitamins, essential minerals, enzymes, fiber, and phytonutrients.

I also got The Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating Plan, and started combining the drinks with the whole food nutrient-rich meals I discovered in the cook book. I also started sprinkling some of the juice powders into my meals, for added micronutrients.

I lost 45 pounds, and I finally feel healthy and energetic, every day. Now, I get to keep the weight off in a healthy way—for the long run. It is like a dream come true!

So, thank you—here’s to a stronger, younger-looking, and healthier version of me!”

Mariahna Suzan, a mom.

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