Mended Menus: How Companies Are Shaping Up Their Employee Food Offerings

Recently, the Delaware News Journal published a story on how one local hospital system is cleaning up their cafeteria with more Nutrient Rich foods. For many years the stigma of bad hospital food has been a common complaint for patients but now the conversation is turning to the actual food served in hospital cafeterias and how bad it is for the health of both hospital employees and visitors. This trend is becoming more popular as health institutions in particular are trying to put their health and wellness mission more in alignment with the quality of foods they promote inside their facilities.

A recent study noted that 6 of the top 20 hospitals across the country actually run fast food franchises within the hospital itself. This inspiring article is a great example of a "Mended Menu" and how one health company is finally coming around to recognizing that eating nutrient rich food is not only paramount to the care of health, but also to the operations of the business of a hospital.

We support this growing trend for mended menus and hope more people switch to rich.

Here's a quote from the article.

"…for decades the food served in the cafeterias of most health care institutions flew in the face of the message hospitals were trying to deliver to patients. High-fat, high-calorie and heavily processed fare was the norm. Staples included items such as red gelatin, trans fat-filled cakes and red meat dishes. But that's changing as hospitals offer up more nutrient-rich food options to employees, patients and visitors. Helping to drive the change is the movement to serve food that is not only nutritious but also safely grown, locally harvested and free of chemical. Additionally, hospital kitchens are being retooled so more items are grilled instead of fried, for instance."

We support this growing trend for mended menus and hope more companies, schools and institutions discover the value of Nutrient Rich foods and make the switch to rich.

To listen to an audio podcast about this subject, visit Nutrient Rich Radio (NRR).

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