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First Non-Meat Burger Outlet Opens In The World!

(Singapore)  With its doors officially open Veganburg launched its burgers with a bang.
VeganBurg website
The first of its kind in Singapore, this new fast-food concept founded on a plant-based diet has the intention to save the world, one burger at a time. Their slogan “Once Bitten, Twice Wise” extols the virtues of going meat-free at least one day a week. Alex Tan – founder and creator of Veganburg – firmly believes that everyone can play a part in inducing change for good, just through this one easy step.

“We are not asking everyone to become vegans or vegetarian but to just consider committing to a meat-free day once a week for a start,” says the Burger Director of Veganburg, who has been a Vegan for 14 years for reasons of health and world issues.

“Hopefully given an awareness of how a meatless diet will have a positive impact on our planet, more people will eventually make the responsible choice of having meat perhaps only on weekends or special occasions, much like the way our ancestors did in the 1950’s.

Animal agriculture accounts for some of the most pressing environmental problems we are facing today, such as greenhouse gas emissions, loss of biodiversity and pollution in general.”

What better way to go meat-free than with delicious and healthy burgers ranging from their Tangy Tartar creation to the toothsome Char-Grilled Satay concoction, designed for local tastebuds? With preservative-

free juices without added sugar and wholesome sides such as Vegan Franks and Potato Spinach Pops, Veganburg offers complete and hearty meals at affordable prices.

The funky industrial-safari inspired décor of the corner outlet in the quiet, laidback enclave of Eunos is already a welcome haven for regulars in the neighbourhood and even those who live further away.

Veganburg is in the process of expanding through a franchise scheme so that there will be more outlets on the island to support their meat-free revolution. The outlet also delivers to households and organisations in the immediate vicinity with an aim to establish an island-wide delivery service by 2012.

The question is will this new trend in healthy fast food take hold in the U.S. 

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