More Plants–Less Cancer

The more plants you eat, the less cancer risk you have. The reason, as Michael Greger M.D states it in a recent NutritionFacts Video on plant based prevention is this, phyto-nutrients, such as lignans, among countless others.

The skin cancer you die of at 50, may have been because of a teenage sun burn you had when you were a kid. And those who eat dairy, cheese and yogurt (which are lacking phyto-nutrients to protect and repair damages cells) may have two and half times the risk of skin cancer, whereas greens, particularly dark green leafy greens cuts the risk by 50% (or more).

How many greens does that mean you have to eat to get those kinds of results? In the study, to cut squamous cell skin cancer risk in half, you would have to consume just 31 grams of greens a day. That’s the equivalent to 31 paperclips worth or just 3 leaves of spinach per day for half the risk of this most common skin cancer.

Even George Washington in 1776 used to give orders to his troops to go out pick the wild greens growing around their camp to free themselves of all putrid disorders. He may not have been thinking skin cancer, but I’m sure it fits in nicely.

Smart man, don’t you think? No wonder he was our first President and part of just about every founding institution in our country during that time. He knew, but apparently 200 years of nutritionists, industrialists and marketers have overlooked this basic human essential and sold us right into the perfect formula for cancer. The truth hasn’t changed, only nutritional marketing has.

Dr. Greger, goes onto say that as you “eat more animal foods, cancer risk goes up, as you eat more plant foods, cancer risk goes down.” Can you imagine what would happen if you were to eat 90% or More Plant Based Nutrient Rich?

Eating plant foods will cut your risk of breast cancer in half thanks to dietary fiber which is found in plant foods… the bones of the plant. But only whole plant foods are good sources of dietary fiber. Refined foods, like white flour, white pasta, have that all stripped away.

The same is true of endometerial and ovarian cancer— lots of animal protein and animal fat, nearly 2X the risk. lot’s of plant protein, plant fat, half the risk.

Even soy foods, the stereotypical “health” foods, which offer isoflavones among other nutrients can cut your risk of cancer dramatically, even though soy-based meat alternatives lack fiber.

In the video, you’ll see that even health foods made from soy, have 4 times less calories, almost 50 times less harmful fats, 25 times less cholesterol (as in “zero”) than the animal foods listed, meanwhile the animal foods had only 1/4 of the protein!

Isn’t that why most people eat animal foods, for protein?

Like Dr. Greger, I have asked people for years to produce any evidence that a vegetable, fruit, bean, nut and seed-based diet with smaller amounts of whole grains promotes cancer and no such study exists.

It’s simple, high vegetable, high fruit, beans, nuts and seeds, less meat and animal products, less tumors.

More Plants, Less Cancer.

So why are you eating a nutrient-poor animal product and refined food based diet?

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