Myth: Depleted soil produces less nutritious fruits and vegetables.

This is one fairy-tale that refuses to die. Vitamins are not found loose in the soil just waiting for plants to soak them up into their roots. Plants make vitamins from several building blocks in the soil. Minerals are taken up from the soil, but if there is a deficiency in a mineral needed for plant growth, it simply will not produce viable amounts of fruits or vegetables. Depleted soil is not commercially profitable. Therefore, farmers use fertilizers containing the needed nutrients for specific crops.

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3 thoughts on “Myth: Depleted soil produces less nutritious fruits and vegetables.”

  1. Would anyone be able to lead me to actual research or a publication backing up the claim that our soil has not been depleted?

  2. The number from 1948 was a typo, and created the myth that spinach had huge amounts of iron, which spurred the character “Popeye” by gained superstrength from eating spinach. There IS some truth to fruits and veggies being less nutritious, but its not due to soil depletion, but rather to factory farms choosing varieties with bigger yields and more perfect looking skins. Suppliment companies don’t tell you that bit, because they would rather you take their vitamins than eat an heirloom tomato from the local farmer’s market!

  3. this is from another site. someone is wrong. not sure whom. let me know what you think.

    "Soil depletion and modern growing techniques have depleted the mineral content of our foods. For example, USDA tests showed spinach in 1948 with 158 milligrams of iron per 100 grams. The iron content of raw spinach today is 2.7 milligrams per 100 grams. The nutrient content of food is reduced even further during processing, transport and storage. The refining process removes 70 to 75% of the minerals from our grains. Cooking food reduces its nutritional value by destroying 20 to 50% of vitamins, all of the enzymes, some amino acids, and “leaches” the minerals."

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