The Pills, Powders, and Potions Trap

Why Eating Nutrient-Poor Food and Making Up the Difference with Supplements, Will Not Promote Your Health or Success. Read these articles too:

Why would you need supplements when eating Nutrient Rich? Aren’t all the nutrients in the food you’re eating? The Supplementation Myth

The marketplace is full of “scientifically-formulated” or “clinically-proven” supplements to reduce your weight and increase your energy rapidly and permanently. These products almost always make false promises based on misleading information. Though you might lose a few pounds at first, the excess weight will naturally return, along with potentially serious, health complications. Though you may increase your energy at the onset, it’s most likely the stimulating effects of the pills, not because you’ve actually increased your energy.

Supplements, while they are justified in certain situations and relatively harmless in others, don’t hold a candle to nutrient-rich whole food. That’s why they’re called supplements; when you’re not eating whole foods you need to make up for what you’re not getting in your food, from a bottle or a can. Theoretically it makes sense, but in reality, it doesn’t work, unless you are talking about genuinely nutrient rich whole food products that are essentially the original whole foods in a jar, with the original advanced formula in tact. Otherwise, it ends bad.

Of course we’re not talking about the situations in which you are supplementing for good reasons, rather, we’re talking about deliberately eating nutrient poor and making up the difference with supplements. This is the trap!

Eating nutrient poor and taking supplements is a poor lifestyle strategy. Get your nutrients from whole, nutrient-rich food and supplement only when you need to! Are you worried about getting all of the nutrients you need?

Start with eating nutrient-rich foods and whole food meal replacements (which are not quite whole foods yet not supplements either yet health promoting and effective) and escape this expensive and unnecessary diet trap. The money you save will enable you to learn about, discover and enjoy nutrient-rich foods that put a smile on your face and keep your money in the bank!

If you want to learn the situations when you supplementation makes sense, go here. The next diet trap is the health food trap.

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