NNR Score to replace RDA?

If you study the history of the RDA (reccomended daily allowances) and it’s purpose of establishing nutritional values such that you didn’t get deficiency diseases, you’ll know that these values have little to nothing to do with optimal health and high performance which is what we’re albout here at nutrientrich.com and www.MyTrainer.com.

The NNR Score (Naturally Nutrient Rich Score) can realize it’s proposed value as a replacement for the RDA because it’s a better nutritional platform, that is just now establishing itself in the main stream; based on emerging standards for nutrient density, not fragmented or wholly economically influenced standards, which if you look under the hood, are the backbone of allmost all nutritional standards.

"Consider the "naturally nutrient-rich" score. Developed by University of Washington-Seattle researcher Adam Drewnowski, the NNR score takes into account 14 nutrients and total calories to calculate nutrient density.

Instead of counting calories, people can use the NNR system to "make each calorie count more," Drewnowski writes in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition this fall."

You will learn all about making calories count more when you read Lose Weight The Nutrient Rich Way

You can understand why economics influence nutritional standards, when food imports and exports represent a large percentage of our economy’s GDP (gross domestic product), and any standard that is not watered down, why it would have a huge impact on our economy and big businesses; but this blog does not cater to economic interests.

The Nutrient Rich Blog, caters to YOU.

To take advantage of the new trend in eating better foods, for better health and weight loss you need to know what is a Nutrient Rich food and why as you build an eating plan that works for you now and in the future. 

You’re not going to get the "whole story" about Nutrient Rich from the government, or food suppliers, or even academia so get this now, ok?  There are too many interests that will water down the message and this is natural and the health claims will follow suit. So be careful.  

I do have to say though, I am very compelled by the nutritional reccomendations coming from the government and developments in the academic conversation around nutrition. This blog post is a primary example.

This website will track the developments of the NNR Score (Naturally Nutrient Rich score) and make sure you know what eating Nutrient Rich is really about… It’s not a radical departure from the bit’s and pieces you’ll learn as you go, but the seemingly subtle points are not so subtle. They are BIG points, and will yield entirely different results for you, considering both the short and the longer term pattern of the foods you eat.

So stay tuned to the The Nutrient Rich Revolution – The New Trend In Eating Better Foods, for Better Health and Natural Weight Loss!John Allen Mollenhauer

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