Nutrient Rich and Eat to Live – together you will get off your diet, disease proof yourself, dramatically improve your health and lose weight

Stick with Nutrient Rich, me and Dr Fuhrman and you will have mastery over diet, weight and long term health issues.

Dr Fuhrman is one of the most influential mentors I have ever had, both in his work and in his example. His is a true champion and few know more about disease proofing your body as well as Dr Fuhrman, who has a vested interest in your health, nutritional excellence and getting you well.

He doesn’t get paid to keep you sick, he get’s paid to get you well!

We work great together becuase I am a trainer and he is a physician and we are both grounded in experience when it comes to living in a health promoting way, in practical ways, in the modern day. Our works compliment each other well.

I am focused on helping you understand the most influential concepts you need to know for a direct path to success, getting the worlds best foods into your life and getting all the benefits.

Dr Fuhrman understands the science better than anyone I know… so you can see the complimentary relationship we have.

Check out the new blog that DrFuhrman recently launched around his new book, Disease Proof Your Child.

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