Olympic Athletes Demand Vitamin-rich, Organic, Hydroponics Food in 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

Athletes demand healthy, vitamin rich foods to provide energy for their training and competitive needs. Hydroponically grown food is meeting those demands in Beijing during these summer Olympics.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) August 21, 2008 — The Chinese government is working hard to meet athlete demand for organic, hydroponics food rich in vitamins and minerals, as China’s 2008 Summer Olympics go into full swing in Beijing.

To provide nutrient-rich food for the athletes and other visitors at this year’s Olympics, China set up a vast system of organic greenhouse farms to match the organic, hydroponics food supply success achieved when Australia produced many tons of quality, organic, hydroponically-grown, vitamin-rich fruit and vegetables during the 2000 Australian Olympiad.

The Chinese are mastering hydroponics rapidly, especially as they produce fruits and vegetables for the 2008 Olympics

According to hydroponics experts Evegeniy Stefanov Yordanov, Michael James Straumietis, and Robert Charles Higgins, hundreds of hydroponics farmers were contracted by the Australian Olympics Committee to provide quality hydroponics produce for the 25,000 athletes, officials and visitors at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Straumietis, Higgins and Yordanov are acknowledged as the number one world authorities on hydroponics and bigger hydroponics yields.

Several years ago, the trio founded the Seattle-based hydroponics nutrients company Advanced Nutrients, which manufactures and distributes highly-respected hydroponics nutrients formulas worldwide.

Straumietis has spent lots of time in China studying Chinese hydroponics and agriculture.

"The Olympics are a special challenge for food producers because athletes demand organic food that’s rich in vitamins and minerals, and because the Olympics food supply is strictly regulated by in-country and international Olympics committees," Michael James Straumietis explains. "Hydroponics allows strict quality control, reliable supply, environmental benefits, and it produces high-nutrition crops."

Indeed, the 2000 Sydney Olympics proved that the hydroponics industry is the only farming sector that can produce a reliable supply of crops sufficient in quality and quantity to satisfy the demands for nutritious natural food.

"Australia wisely chose to rely on hydroponics for its 2000 Olympics, because soil-grown crops could easily have been ruined by adverse weather, which is not a problem with hydroponics," notes Robert Charles Higgins. "Better yet, as is the case in North America and Europe, hydroponics crops cost less to produce and buy than field crops."

Advanced Nutrients co-founder Evegeniy Stefanov Yordanov says China has set up a government-private industry partnership to grow organic food for the country’s Olympics food supply.

"The Chinese are mastering hydroponics rapidly, especially as they produce fruits and vegetables for the 2008 Olympics," Yordanov explains. "In fact, the Chinese government created a highly-regulated, guarded, organic, greenhouse-grown plant production infrastructure to guarantee the quantity and quality of the fruit and vegetable supply for Olympic athletes and visitors."

Increased reliance on organic, hydroponically-grown food for the China Olympics is also mirrored by increasing demand for organic, hydroponically-grown food in China’s expanding middle-class sector, Straumietis says, noting that hydroponics growing is also environmentally-safer than typical field agriculture.

"Fact is, organic fruits and vegetables grown hydroponically for the China Olympics are packed with vitamins and minerals, which means athletes perform better," Straumietis explains. "And China is able to meet the demands for quality food better than if it was relying on regular soil agriculture. Healthy, organic, hydroponics food wins the gold medal at the 2008 China Summer Olympics in Beijing.

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