One of The Best Strategies for Eating Nutrient Rich

There are so many ways to eat "Nutrient Rich", a nutrient dense, or high nutrient diet diet based on the principle of Nutrient Density, the cornerstone of nutrition.

Look at it this way, there are as many ways to eat a nutrient rich diet as there are to eat nutrient poor. But while there are no ideal ways to eat nutrient poor, there ARE ideal ways of eating Nutrient Rich.

It all depends on where you are in your transition, from poor to rich.

For example, are you just starting out eating a nutrient rich diet?

If so, chances are pretty good, you are not going to be eating a predominantly green diet, based in vegetables overnight, with fruits, beans, seeds and nuts and whole grains.

The reasons are simple:

  1. You are not likely going to be used to plant based fare (you are used to animal and fake foods)
  2. Your body will experience withdrawal (the process of detoxification from nutrient poor and nutrient barren foods)
  3. You will fall for all kinds of traps in the market, mis- interpreting this "transition experience" as, not enough iron, or not enough protein or something like that
  4. You won’t haven’t adapted socially or learned how eat Nutrient Rich in any situation
  5. You may medical issues that you have to be concerned with
  6. You have emotional connections with foods from your past
  7. You can’t adapt that fast
  8. There are plenty more reasons…

Your saving grace is this… the more you eat nutrient rich, the more your body becomes nutrient rich and all of the above get’s easier.

Here’s one of the core strategies that I have seen many people be successful with out of the gate.

  • Find a great Nutrient Rich meal replacement in a flavor you like. This is not quite a whole food, not quite a supplement, but rich in whole food nutrition because it’s basically dehydrated whole food, that has been processed, but not refined. This will work great because it’s simple, quick & easy and will work in any situation AND people are used to making smoothies, eating food bars, having snacks and meal replacements.
  • A good example of a Nutrient Rich meal replace ment is Vega
  • You can mix a Nutrient Rich meal replacement with an infusion of fruit, or vegetables and nuts and seeds for that matter.
  • Nutrient Rich Meal replacements with a berry, vanilla, chocolate, or natural flavor is very fulfilling, you can drink one throughout the day and be satisfied. Mixed with food in its natural state even moreso.
  • The benefit of using a meal replacement mix (notice I didn’t say "protein powder") is that they contain a flat line protein complex. All vegetables have complete protein, they just may be low in certain amino acids and high in others and that slows recovery until your body gets more of the amino acids it needs for faster recovery. That usually means more consumption, which means more calories. So the mix of proteins contained in a meal replacement along with all other nutrients, including micro nutrients, pro biotics, etc, all in your smoothie, makes it super food like.
  • Satiation and recovery, and great taste are the biggest factors in foods.
  • Combine the use of meal replacement that ensures you’ll eat Nutrient Rich, with simple "mono meals", like easy-to-eat vegetables (eat lots of these), and fresh fruits, and a small handful of seeds or nuts… when you are actually hungry; you can’t eat grains unless they are cooked for the most part.
  • For one meal a day, eat more gourmet, in other words, I’m not necessarily talking 5 star, but I mean eat a prepared meal, made from preprepared bulk ingredients, or fresh that you lightly cook or merely mix together. I’m talking about where you sit down with the family or friends, and enjoy a meal. The meals, menus and places to eat Nutrient Rich, are endless. See the Nutrient Rich Recipe Database.

Again, there are countless strategies for eating Nutrient Rich, but this is a basic structure that tends to work well for many people.

The first thing you want to do, is arrive at a strategy for eating that serves you now and then you can adjust as circumstances change.

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