“People are now feeling 10 years younger after being OFF the Atkins plan and choosing a NutrientRich Eating Plan

Feeling younger yes, and soon to be looking younger too.

In order to look and feel younger you need to be meeting your bodies nutrient needs so that you your body can perform well. A healthy, high performing body looks and feels great, and you need whole natural food to accomplish this… along with activity.

Why you got overweight.

You only got overweight for two reasons to begin with – 1) eating nutrient poor food, and 2) being inactive. There are other factors, like stress and emotions, but they are not the primary factors.

When you got overweight you got sold into a diet trap, called “low carb” and you lost weight eating calorically rich foods, that don’t promote your health, beyond small quantities – animal foods. You were also likely eating processed foods that outright promoted the overweight condition and disease conditions from heart disease to cancer, even if they are low cal, low fat or low carb.

You lost weight, then your body got unhealthy and you gained the weight right back. This is a diet trap.

People seeking out a new eating plan, are now choosing to eat NutrientRich which includes some animal foods in smaller quantities and even some processed foods if you need them. But again in very small quantities. Not becuase your on some restricted diet, but because it’s more fun and more fulfilling to eat the worlds best foods, in great tasting ways, and experiencing what it feels like to eat in a way that promotes superior health and your ideal weight.

If you are a former Atkins Dieter, its time to start eating Nutrient Rich. Get off your diet!

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