Real Women Share Success – the hidden words

Today I was reading the 3-A-Day site brought to you by the Dairy Council at where I saw the Real Women Share Success post that says…

"Over two years, Melissa lost 150 pounds by exercising and including 3 daily servings of dairy in her reduced-calorie diet." 

First of all, let me make the point that Dairy is not a health promoting food, as casein, according to the The China Study, is one of if not the most cancerous substances we eat.

Anyone can lose weight on a "reduced calorie" diet (which we have no details on), even if they include 3 glasses of milk, or in the case of Melissa Hill, who lost the 150 pounds, who ate Yogurt parfaits, fat free milk and fruit smoothies with fat-free milk.

I do congratulate Melissa, but it is not her whom I am commenting about in this post. It’s the Dairy Council! This 3 a Day campaign is pure advertising. Her weight loss success and the association to consuming 3 servings of dairy, is no more accurate or proof that dairy promotes weight loss than saying "most men who have heart attacks have them on roads with 3 telephone poles" and that telephone polls cause heart attacks. Statistically this may be correct, but there is no direct correlation.

There is not direct correlation between milk consumption and weight loss. Actually the opposite since it promotes faster growth.

The same way that people in the Mediterranean have a lower risk of disease (because they eat a vegetable based diet) is not because they eat olive oil, but in spite of it, this "Real Women Share Success" campaign is simply advertising.

Today, you have to be very careful about the difference between advertorial and editorial, real information and information that is supposed merely promote the success of the product being sold, as in this case, with the promotion of milk.

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