The Days of the Pyramids are Gone – The Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating Plate

The days of the food pyramids are gone.The reason is simple–they just aren’t the right frame or concept for our minds to grasp and implement, when every day we eat off a plate! It’s almost as if we need to see this in the way we are going to eat it and forget all that other stuff that gets lost in translation.

The Nutrient Rich® Healthy Eating Plate has two versions.

The regular version, which is based on the 90% or More Plant Based Nutrient Rich® Approach




















And the “Nutrient Ninja” Version, where you optimize your food intake so well that you have lost your desire for nutrient-poor foods and don’t eat them anymore; both of which you will learn about in detail in the book Superfood Eating – Make the Switch to 90% or More, Plant Based Nutrient Rich



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