What are these two best-selling books in the world saying?

This coming week, the top 2 best-selling diet books in the world are:

1 – EAT TO LIVE, by Joel Fuhrman, MD. This program offers help for achieving fast and sustained weight loss.


2 – THE BOOK OF BURGER, by Rachael Ray. Recipes for burgers, sliders, sloppy Joes, fries and sides, from the television star.

It is truly amazing that these two opposite books are best-sellers in the same week!

My friend and mentor, Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live, talks about the amazing nutrient way to eat, which is unarguably the healthiest way to eat, and The Book of Burger, is unarguably, among the unhealthiest ways to eat.

By the way, I love Rachel Ray, but hey, this isn’t about her, this is about the food.

What does this tell us? I think it says that we are at a crossroads in America regarding knowing the best and healthiest ways to eat, the greatest-tasting ways to eat, and what eating style has the potential to be both!

The idea that that burgers, fries and sloppy Joe foods are great tasting is the core message of The Book of Burger. And, there is no doubt that they are tasty. And, no one also questions whether or not these foods are unhealthy. They are. But with America’s addiction to food, and our trained thinking which has been garnered through the mass marketing that says healthy foods “supposedly” taste bad, and unhealthy foods taste good, most people take the stance that they might as well just “live it up” and the eat burgers and fries and just manage their weight through exercise, periodic weight loss-only diets, or half-baked “healthier” diets, which keep them stuck in the vicious cycle by maintaining an addiction to nutrient-poor foods.

This process doesn’t work. It has never worked and it’s never going to work. Not unless you want to settle for the mediocre health and longevity that holds you back and sells your life short.

Underlying Eat to Live, is the new thinking, and I think this top book foretells that things are changing.

This is a book that was not written to be popular, and frankly it inspires people to make one of the biggest lifestyle changes there is–but, it is now the best-selling diet book in the world. It is even bigger than the Book of Burger. It was written by a man that just wanted people to know that they could reverse disease and actually get healthy, lose the large amounts of weight they’d gained eating burgers and fries, and live longer than they ever thought possible.

He didn’t compromise the message. He gave America a taste for what healthy eating looks like and really tastes like and it is having an influential effect on the propaganda marketing around nutrient-poor and depleted foods.

The message we’re getting is this–propaganda around food is no longer going to drown out what what’s real and true.

The fact that Eat to Live has beaten out The Book of Burger, even by just one spot; and that it holds the top spot says that things are changing. We are now in a real nutrient-rich food revolution, right now! It is my educated assertion that those people who are reading and eating book #2 will find themselves succumbing down the wrong path, in the not-so-distant future, because they’ve hitched their wagon to the wrong train.

Any food or foodstuff can be eaten in great-tasting ways, from greens to grease. On one end of that scale you are eating foods that help you realize your full potential, and on the other one, you are squandering your potential for good health and longevity it. Both taste great.

So what books are you reading here and now at the start of summer?

Are you eating in a great-tasting healthy way, or in a great-tasting unhealthy way?

Make the Switch to Rich–Nutrient Rich and eat in a great-tasting healthy way that improves the quality of your life, rather than in a nutrient-poor way that diminishes it!

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