The Greatest Natural Weight Loss Strategy EVER

What’s the greatest natural weight loss strategy Ever?

Making the Switch to Rich… to an 80-90% or More Plant-Based Nutrient Rich® diet, so you can detoxify your body, lose weight naturally, improve your health and reverse lifestyle-induced diseases — from the overweight condition to heart disease — all while you age slower, develop a younger look and ultimately live longer because you are giving your body what it does need, not overwhelming it with what it doesn’t need and eating foods in a way at or close to its natural state. 

There is a process for natural weight loss, that you will soon learn, but it starts with the fact that you need to detoxify your body and get your body as nutrient rich as possible (literally establish a nutrient rich body) so that you can enjoy great-tasting healthy foods without the withdrawal symptoms that prevent so many people from being able to eat when they are truly hungry. When you are eating when you are not hungry, largely because you are eating nutrient poor, you will gain weight.

Depending on where you are starting from, and your previous usual diet, when you first start making the Switch, you may feel like you need to eat more than usual for a variety of reasons , depending on how poorly you’ve eaten in the past and your knowledge level at the time when you first begin making the switch.

And, if you are coming from a high animal protein diet whether it be Atkins weight loss only diet, a Paleo eating style, a Nourishing Traditions Style or your average grilled chicken salad variety especially, make sure you start by eating  The Most Basic Way of Eating Nutrient Rich™ – else you could gain weight initially or experience some discomfort as your body adapts to what is natural, and your body restores its health.

Infuse your body with the most nutrient rich foods, even whole food meal replacements, particularly powered juices, are great at the start so that if your body is not well adapted to high-fiber foods initially, you are still getting the nutrients, and start experiencing nutrients flooding your body after eating a nutrient poor diet for so long. This experience is amazing and you will actually experience the Switch from poor to Rich.

Ultimately the greatest weight loss strategy ever, is based on letting your body consume it’s own body fat. After all that’s what happens when “lose weight” and “burn fat”. Your body consumes and eliminates it. That can only happen in a natural way when you are eating a nutrient rich diet and essentially detoxify your body.

Ultimately you want to be consuming less calories, if you want all the success results, relative to activity levels, but that does not mean you are not eating as many calories as you need. For many of us, you are just using more of the CALORIES you already have stored up!

The key to doing that is to detoxify your body from the start, not just induce weight loss, else you’ll be dieting for the rest of your life.  The toxins in Animal and Dairy Products are just too high, let alone the nutrient poor attributes of these foods themselves, will prevent you from being able to tap into your own fat in a healthy way, long enough to experience natural weight loss.

If your body is constantly subjected to the symptoms of detoxification from toxic, nutrient poor foods, you will constantly be subjected to symptoms that cause you to eat more food before the natural weight loss process can sustain and deliver all the success results that follow.

Thinking that headaches = hunger, or light headedness=hypoglycemia is a myth. In most cases you are just detoxifying. Your body is always detoxifying.

What better argument could there possibly be for consuming a More Plant Based Nutrient Rich® diet? You will learn all about this natural weight loss strategy in Switch to Rich, The Great Tasting Healthy Way to Eat!©, and the complimentary guide Lose Weight The Nutrient Rich Way©.

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