The Top 10 Diet Traps

Diet TrapsBeing diet trapped is the foundation of dieting; the act of manipulating your food, eating less of nutrient poor foods that don’t serve your nutrient needs to begin with, or eating substitutes for real food, doesn’t work!

What most people don’t know is what it means to be diet trapped. This is different from the act of dieting as described above.  Before the various forms of dieting come into play you must first be diet trapped with a faulty way of eating.

What is a diet trap?

  • Unrealistic expectations,
  • Faulty (faddish) nutritional advice,
  • A focus only on weight loss at the expense of health.
  • Riddled with diet-speak, like “stick to the program”, “Stay on the diet”…

Most importantly

  • It’s an ‘eat less of nutrient poor foods’ based plan that will forever keep you diet trapped and dieting.

Some of us are basically starving ourselves as long as we can, then give up in despair when our bodies revolt, decide they want to live, and drive us to overeat until we’re sick – physically and emotionally.

(Sound melodramatic? It’s not. It’s a low-carb diet!)

At the time of this writing, and while there are new diets coming out that are finally promting Nutrient Rich foods, there are more that 300+ diets (diet traps) being marketed on a national level in America.  They all have “the answer.”  And apparently, we’re not getting it.

We are Diet-Trapped! And here’s why.

Nearly every commercial diet available promotes, in one way or another, eating less of the same nutrient poor foods known to cause to the overweight condition to begin with. Instead of focusing on nutrient rich foods in unlimited, great tasting ways; the focus is on eating the same ole’ foods you’ve always eaten, manipulated to help you lose weight.

Low cal, low fat, low carb eating plans, eating less, and taking supplements are just a few of highest profile diet traps which will keep you stuck!

The Top 10 Diet Traps, revealed below introduces you to some of the most common traps.  As you read, you may find yourself reflecting on these traps and others, which have had and continue to have, a profound effect on your body and your health.   Don’t despair.  There is a genuine way out.

Eating Nutrient Rich food means the end of low cal, low fat, low carb dieting, and actually all forms of dieting, for the rest of your life!

Identify the traps that are affecting you, your health and success, and then GET FREE Today!
There is a Nutrient Rich revolution taking place and it’s the new trend towards eating great tasting Nutrient Rich food, simple, quick and easy ways, Nutrient Rich meals and more that promote your health, success and love of food.

You’ll discover how to eat nutrient rich, avoid dieting and diet traps for the rest of your life and build a healthy, high performance body, as a matter of lifestyle!

So here are the 10 of the top diet traps we’ll be writing about. Go ahead an comment by adding diet traps that you know of; ways of eating and thinking that keep us stuck!

Trap One: Eating Less and Exercising More

Trap Two: Believing in “moderation in everything and getting overweight

Trap Three: “Living on” or “Relying on” pills, powders and potions

Trap Four: Falling for the protein and calcium myths

Trap Five: Living a low carb lifestyle to lose weight and lose performance

Trap Six: Eat nutrient poor and make up the difference with supplements

Trap Seven: Using food and drink as stimulants

Trap Eight: going hungry the low cal, low fat way

Trap Nine: Being misled by association

Trap Ten: Thinking your not motivated

Break free of the Diet Traps…



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