Diet Traps!

Every diet has something valuable to offer in terms of learning, and yes you can learn from going on every diet. It seems many people actually do this; not you, but other people. And we’ll go as far as saying that sometimes this is helpful. Sometimes you can’t appreciate the real thing or the right thing, until you’ve done the wrong thing enough times.

Many of the diets on this list made it for certain reasons, not because they don’t produce results or because we are asserting that everything they say is wrong or ineffective; all diets produce results. It’s easy to get a result, it’s a matter of what results, the long term benefits and at what cost.

The main point of this list is to show you a "sampling" of how many diets are out there and that apparently they are not working when you consider the obesity trend that exists and the poor health statistics that follow.

FYI: the only diet that will ever work is one that is normal and natural, Nutrient Rich, lifestyle- based and one that you enjoy in the process of accomplishing your goals. It has to be a diet you can call your own, and that’s an "eating plan".

A Nutrient Rich whole food’s eating plan is the way to go and the reason why you’re at This is what it takes to be healthy and successful.

A couple notes:

* If we’ve included a diet here that is now changing it’s tune or is promoting Nutrient Rich food, don’t get upset, just tell us, we’ll review it and we’ll take it off this list ok?

*If you think that pointing out all these diets as if to say they are no good and you need to be on a "Nutrient Rich" diet, and you think that’s self serving, keep this in mind; we promote several eating plans that we know are nutrient rich. These plans are not all branded "Nutrient Rich", yet they are nutrient rich. Eat to Live is a great example and one of many.

Ok, here are some diet traps… after you read, go to The Top 10 Diet Traps Revealed and read Diet Trap #1.

3- or 4- Day Diet, 7 Day Diet, 5 Day Miracle Diet, 6 Week Body Makeover, Acutrim, Adiphen, Atkins Diet, Advocare, Algoxyll Alkaslim, Apple Cider Vinegar, Arnot Revolutionary Weight Loss, Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution, Axokine, Bariatric Surgery, Berry Trim Plus, The New Beverly Hills Diet, BioSlim, Blood Type Diets, Body Solutions, Cabbage Soup Diet Cambridge, Callogen protein diets, Calorad, Camp Shane, Carbohydrate Addict’s LifeSpan, Carb Away, Carb Blockers, Carb Cutter, Carb Eliminator, Carbojenics, Carbo Lock, Chasing Freedom Chitosan, Chitosol, Chromaslim, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Cortislim, Chromium Picolinate,  Dexatrim, Diet Power Diet Teas, Dinomins, Dr. Phil McGraw “diet book”, Eat Orgasmically and Still Lose Weight, Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone, DHEA Eat Great, Lose Weight, Eat Right 4 Your Type, The Eclipse, Egg Diet, Ephedra (Ephedrine), Escape Your Shape, Extreme Power Plus, Fat Binders, Fat Burners, Fat Flush Plan, Flenfluramine/phentermine,  Fen/Phen), Genicil, GlycoLEAN, Grapefruit Diet, Grow Lean, Herbal Phen-Fen, Herbalife HMR, Herbal Supplements, Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet, Home Exercise Machines Human Growth Hormone, Hydroxycut, Inhalers, Jenny Craig, Kashi Golean Shakes Ladies Workout Express, L-Carnitine, L.A. Weight Loss Centers, Lipoban, Lipodrene, Loma Linda Diet, Low Carbohydrate Diets, Maggie Drozd Spice Capsules, Marilu Henner, Natural Trim, Maker’s Diet, Medifast, Metabolife, Metabo-Lite, MeTrim, Meridia (Sibutrimine), Miami Diet Miracle Tab, Mommy Style, New Direction, Nutricounter, Nutrisystem, Optifast, Overeaters Anonymous (OA), PACE, Patent Lean, Peel Away the Pounds, Pentabosol Physicians Weight Loss Centers, Picture Perfect, Plant Macerat, Prism Diet,    Protein Power, Puralin, Pyruvate, Jay Robb, Scan Diet, Scarsdale Diet, Scott & White Diet, Senna, Shapefast, Richard Simmons, Shapedown Pediatric Obesity, Skinny Pill,  Skinny Pill for Kids, Sleep A-Weigh, Slim Down Solution, Slim Fast Slim in 6, Slimpatch, Smart Technique, The Solution, South Beach Diet, Soy Protein Shakes Special K Diet, Spirulina, Stacker 2, Subway Diet, Suddenly Slim, Sugar Busters, SureSlim, Suzanne Somers, Synadrene, The Firm,   Thermalean, Thermoburn, Thermocarb, Thermojetics, Thermo-Lift, Thermoslim, Thyro-Slim, Trim Life Trim Spa, TOPS Club, The Ultimate Weight Solution,  Ultra Carb, Ultra Lipo Lean, Ultimate Carb Phaser 1000, Xenadrine, Xenical(Orlistat), Walk Away the Pounds, Weigh Down, Weight Watchers, Weight Watchers FlexPoints, WW Winning Points Plan, WW Online, WW Canada, The Zone, Zymax, Anorex, Leptoprin, Get with the Program by Bob Greene, Ultra et Slim Pastilles, Isagenix, Avon Slim Well, Nutricise, Oxycise, Relora, The Business Plan for the Body, Body Wraps, Anorex, Dermalin, Zotril (Zotrin),  Hilton Head Diet, Ultimate Lean Routine, Negative Calorie Diet, Catabolic Diet, Fat Trapper, Diet Fuel,  Ice Cream Diet, Peanut Butter Diet, Fit by Friday, First Place, Simply Weight Loss, Diet System 6, Herbal Magic Lean for Life, Mentabo Patch, Biosculpt, Peal Away the Pounds, Aprinol, Body Maxx AM PM Bio Trim, Slim Spa, Body RX, Luprinol, Laminaria Extract, T- Burn Fat Attack Combo Lindora, Choose to Lose, The Diet Cure, Dr. Bernstein, The Laze Diet System, 2 Day Slim Down Quick Weight Loss Centers, Almased, Lap-Band, Feature, Pro Lean, Neanderthin, Montignac Hypnosis, Predator, Beautyvisions, Fibersol, Diet Fuel Pills, Royal Jelly, Skinny Rules by Edita Kaye, Chromaslim, Seattle Sutton, Different Bodies, Different Minds, Peak Performance Turbo Trim, Select Trim, Turbo Protein Diet, Xenaplus, Don Lemmon, Micro Diet, 7 Step Diet, Gut Busters, Meta-Biological, Usana, American Longevity, Almased, CRAN Diet, The Immune Power Diet, Body of Confidence,  Trim Factor, Inches-a-Weigh Fastrim, Phat Melaleuca, Accelerona-Carb Trapper Plus, Slim Down Express, Hay Diet Thin-Within, Cookie Diet,  Metabolic Research, Scharzbein Principle, Metasystem Diet, Micro Diet, Mannatech, Biogenisis, Le Marc de Raisins, EAT to Win, Oasis Inthinity, Estrolean, Fat Trapper, Infinity 2, Eat to Win, The Fat Fallacy, Advantra Z, First Fitness, Fast Track Weight Perfect, Eat Yourself Thin, GlycoLean, Loose the Bums Diet, Phosphosterine, Youthin Ideal Health, Equation Diet, Vital Solutions, Carbo 14 Day Lifetime Diet Plan, Sun Slim Weight Loss, Bioflex, Ana Bruce Diet, Metabo Ultra Max, Pulse Diet, Petrotrim, GR Diet, The Eat and Burn Diet, The GI Diet Preditor, Beautyvisions, Fibersol, Diet Fuel Pills, Royal Jelly, Skinny Rules by Edita Kaye, Chromaslim…

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