The Top 10 Discoveries from This Year’s Natural Products Expo West

IMG_0291-OptimizedOver the past week, Nutrient Rich Life Attended Natural Products Expo West with Rezealiant Living, the leader in nutrient-rich nutritional solutions for a resilient life.

This conference is very insightful because it gives you a first hand understanding of how people are thinking, how the nutritional conversation is evolving and where it’s headed.

It was an excellent show with a very common “Superfood” theme infused into virtually every booth, including traditionally-branded companies that have changed their tune to what people want. No longer limited to vegan, or vegetarian as the way to describe healthy, it was all about the nutrients density of the foods. And that is, understanding of what are the worlds best foods to eat for optimal health, and food products that make it simple.

This “Superfood Eating” theme is what a Nutrient Rich Life is all about – fueling your body right, eating the worlds’ best foods, in great tasting-ways, up to 90% of the time or more as this is the sweet spot for healthy eating and achieving the Success Results Every BODY Wants!

This is what’s happening in the world of nutrition!

Now, that said here’s are the top 10 discoveries from this Years Natural Products Expo West…

  1. Every vendor was doing their best to be a “nutrient rich” as possible and wanted to posture their product as a superfood.
  2. Most vendors were not “nutrient rich”
  3. Companies are promoting the idea of supplementing your existing (typically nutrient poor diet) with superfoods, not helping you actually change the way you eat. (we deliver both)
  4. Energy is still seen as something you get from a bottle or food-only when nothing can be further from the truth.
  5. People are incredibly innovative; we will never be disappointed at all the amazing food creations that are possible when you put your mind to it.
  6. Many natural product manufacturers are realizing that you don’t have to use even agave nectar to sweeten foods or energy bars (which is no healthier than sugar, honey, high-fructose corn syrup, or any other sweetener.
  7. Many people I talked to at the booth I was participating in, wanted straight up superfood products such as Living Barley Grass, more so than even the version with stevia and natural flavors added (genuinely natural); but in reality they also really loved the naturally sweetened greens!
  8. Most people don’t yet know what it means to eat “nutrient rich” as the marketplace is still so cluttered with refined and added salt, oil and sugar… laden foods and no knowing where protein comes from.
  9. Sea Salt is still thought to be better than regular salt, due to some trace minerals and its not. It’s still sodium chloride and it raises blood pressure over and beyond the salt already contained in food.
  10. Animal foods were tucked in somewhere among the thousands of booths, but there were only a handful and there is a reason for that. They are not healthy foods, not nutrient rich, or even close to being superfoods. Nonetheless, “grass fed” was the unique differentiator. Of course, grass was the original nutrient rich food!

Bonus discovery: The Australians by far put out the most “natural”, natural products of all.  Really amazing products!

Here at, we help you fuel your body right, eating the worlds’ best foods, in great tasting-ways, up to 90% or more of the time, as this is the sweet spot for healthy eating, and achieving the Results Every BODY Wants!

Now imagine what would happen if you were to then optimize the way you eat.. OMG it amazing!

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