The Top 7 Reasons Why People Go on Diets

It’s no secret, there are reasons why people go on diets that leave them, unhealthy, unhappy and unsustainable in their way of eating. ~ John Allen Mollenhauer

This is a list of the 7 of the top reasons why people go on diets, to the tune of over 100 Million People! If you want to stop yo-yo dieting and start eating healthy, a wholesale reboot of your mindset is required. Go from SAD to Super.

The first two reasons have nothing to do with the food you eat; rather they are about your knowledge base. The next two are about what food you eat, and the last 3 are about how you eat.

Taken as a whole The Top 7 Reasons Why People Diet are all about your mindset, which ultimately needs to be purged of nutritional marketing and grounded in nutritional wisdom among other mindset factors that will help you achieve this shift in thinking.

Here are the reasons why people go on diets.

Reason #1:

They don’t understand nutrition; they can’t interpret what’s going on in it’s rightful context, and don’t take it seriously. Not that you have to be “serious” all the time; taking nutrition seriously just means you value and act on what you learn, experience and want in life.

Right now, there is a whole industry praying on nutritional ignorance. The funny part is that the diet industry may be ignorant too and not know much more about the difference between a nutrient poor food and a nutrient rich food than the people they serve. The former does not fuel your body right, or nourish your soul, and will ultimately result in increased fat storage (the overweight condition) and health complications.

Reason #2:

The so called “knowledge” they do have is based on nutritional marketing, not nutritional wisdom. They have what is known as a “first tier” understanding of nutrition that is initial, partial and fragmented. Nutritional marketing is information that is dieting oriented (short term) and usually not true. What they want but don’t yet have is a “second tier” understanding of nutrition with knowledge that is evolved, complete and holistic. Nutritional wisdom is principle-centered, lifestyle-oriented (long term) and true.

Here’s are a few examples.

Thinking “carbs are bad”, when in reality carbohydrate is essential to fueling and nourishing your body right; of course the right carbs eaten in a health-promoting way.

You actually want to slow your metabolism. Those with a slower metabolism, live longer assuming they are eating healthy and have a health-promoting lifestyle. The slower metabolism effect in the picture above refers to what happens when eat less calories. If they are nutrient poor calories, it’s called dieting with negative consequences.  You wil naturally eat less, the better More Plant Based Nutrient Rich you eat, no dieting required.

If you don’t have a nutritional education, you will always be susceptible to nutritional marketing from marketing pro’s who who will sell you short, constantly telling you what want to hear, that just isn’t so. Note: what people usually want to hear is usually based on their food addictions.

Reason #3:

Their previous usual diet was so nutrient poor and overstimulating they just can’t deal with all the detoxification, breakdown (fat loss, and destruction of unhealthy tissue) and reconstruction (development of new healthy tissue) that takes place when the body has superior nutriment to work with and finally has all of its nutritional needs met. No longer doing the best it can with a limited, nutrient poor diet, the body is now free to do what it always wanted to do, which was maintain health!

Transformation is not not always a comfortable process, for some it is, for most it’s not given most people eat up to 90% or More nutrient poor (See Reason #4), so start with the ADD, CHANGE, CHALLENGE method today. Adding nutrient rich superfoods to the way you currently eat, will make changing the way you eat a process that’s fun and comfortable. As they say, “by the inch is a synch.”

Reason #4:

They are eating predominantly animal products and refined foods up to 90% of the time, with less than 10% nutrient rich produce. Both animal products and refined foods are nutrient poor classes of foods. For example, chicken has no water, no fiber, no phytochemicals, limited vitamins and minerals, no carbohydrate, is loaded with saturated fat and cholesterol, and the animal protein is not health-promoting when eating in significant quantities because it promotes rapid growth, and rapid aging with the rise if Insulin-like growth factor 1 .IGF-1. Just look at bodybuilders.

For many people, chicken, fish etc, are the basis of their diet, along with a side of vegetables. The Paleo community eats like this, the problem is it’s still nutrient poor. Even if they aren’t junk food diet eaters, they are still eating predominantly nutrient-poor foods (usually for protein) and this does not end well, not just because of the nutrients they aren’t getting, but also because of all the substances they are eating that their body does not need from food like cholesterol and saturated fat. If you want healthy protein, then lettuce is the new chicken.

Reason #5:

They are used to the highs they get from substantial amounts of super-stimulating foods like chicken and turkey, and coffee and high amounts of refined and added sugar-laden foods and then think they are missing some nutrient when they start eating More Plant Based Nutrient Rich at the start; that is, until they nourish, detoxify, stabilize and strengthen their immune system with optimized nutrition rich “superfood” nutrition.

People do not understand that they have to allow their body time to make a nutrition transition and that they will have to face their true condition when they do. When you stop eating super stimulating foods, you’ll realize how much energy you really have, and your body will begin rebuilding in a “nutrient rich” way. Go back to Reason #1. If you don’t have some nutritional education and learn more than nutritional marketing (usually focused on weight loss-only) you will misinterpret what’s going on, and go back to eating nutrient poor as it will feel better in the short term.

What you eat is everything!

Reason #6:

They don’t realize that in a world of food and food “stuff” abundance, waiting long enough or being active enough to eat again, “getting truly hungry”, is essential. Most of us are eating to stimulate our way through the day, for energy, not for nutrition, (See Reason #5) for recreation etc. We are eating due to discomfort, not because we are hungry, and end up eating way more than we need. If your body is toxic and the body is always trending towards health, the minute you stop eating, you will end up going into a heightened state of detoxification, eat even more, and more of the same foods that caused the problem to begin with!

Ultimately, if you can’t break the vicious cycle of eating nutrient poor, you will inevitably try to with the the overweight condition that will usually result in an unhealthy way, by simply eating less of the foods you are eating right now; i.e the vicious cycle of dieting as the picture outlines above. This is the yo-yo.

Reason #7:

They don’t understand that once the house (body) is built on nutrient rich food, they don’t need to eat that much food, including protein to maintain the body under normal conditions, and subsequently overfeed. It’s amazing how we are told and sold on the idea that we need to eat a minimum of 1800 to 2000 calories a day. Some people can put that amount of calories away in one meal!

We think we have to eat 3-5 times a day or more, to “keep our metabolisms” going, or to speed them up, or just end up eating that frequently because we can’t stop eating, which is usually due to eating nutrient poor.

Truth is, we only need to eat 2-3 times per day on average, and we almost always need less calories than we consume, even when eating Nutrient Rich.

See the top 10 diet traps.

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