Nutrient Rich Superfoods, the Secrets to Healthy Eating and Avoiding Overeating

Salad Meal

There are secrets to healthy eating; and avoiding overeating.

Off the bat, the first secret is eating nutrient-rich “Superfoods”; foods that have the highest nutrient densities of all foods.

The reason is simple, nutrient rich superfoods are the only foods that are powerful enough to nourish, detoxify, stabilize and strengthen your immune system, naturally inspire you to change the way you eat and optimize your nutrition. This is called making a “nutrition transition.”
Thousands have begun adding superfoods to the way they eat, to change what they eat, and have challenged themselves to complete this nutrition transition, by making the Switch from eating mostly nutrient-poor and nutrient barren foods to eating up to 90% or More Plant Based Nutrient Rich “Superfoods”. They have also experienced, first hand, the 7 healthy success results that follow, which to the average unhealthy eater seem unbelievable.
Eating Nutrient Rich Superfoods is the first secret to healthy eating, and there are several more that you will learn here at, and quickly as a Premium Member; but in this post we also want to share a secret from the healthy side of the fence, about how to avoid overeating.
Matter of fact: the results of eating nutrient rich superfoods are so powerful they give rise to an unexpected challenge. Overeating!
For all the amazing benefits of eating nutrient rich superfoods, there is a challenge that many healthy eaters face. It’s overeating. Now I know what you are thinking. “Overeating? Isn’t that what healthy eating is supposed to help you avoid?
Yes, that’s true and eating nutrient rich superfoods does enable you to avoid overeating when you are fueling your body right. But besides the fact that people eat for reasons other than nutrition, or true hunger for that matter; when you eat eat nutrient-rich superfoods the majority of the time and start thinking like a Superfoodie, something amazing happens – you are naturally forced to eat for the right reasons.

Because the causes of poor nutrition all fade away. And believe it or not, this can become a challenge if you don’t learn some of the finer points of a healthy eating style. People are so used to eating for the wrong reasons, it can become a challenge to eat for the right reasons.

A little background…

Nutrient Rich Superfoods are “Nutrient Rich.”

Nutrient Rich Superfoods are not necessarily foods that you have to seek out with a guide on some distant island in Peru. Super Foodies love to focus on exotic foods like maca and cacao, and goji berries and the foods that have names so brand new some Super Foodie’s haven’t even heard of them, yet. But the truth is, most of the superfoods that make up a nutrient-rich healthy eating style, are common and can be found in a grocery store or farmers market.

What’s completely new about eating “Nutrient Rich” superfoods is that we focus in on natural produce as the majority of the foods we eat, up to 90% or more of the time, from local sources first, and then with the exotics from all around the world, which we now have access to.

What used to be the side dish is now the main dish, such as The Salad Meal that we Super Foodies have at least once a day. But here’s the thing… nutrient rich superfoods are “nutrient rich.”

So what’s the secret? These foods meet your nutrient needs and fast!

The more you eat the nutrient-rich superfoods, such as those found in The Salad Meal picture above, the more you nourish your body. A nourished body is a body that is getting it’s nutrient needs met, and that makes hunger a distant experience. In other words not something you feel every 2-3 hours the way most people experience hunger in our modern day, due to their nutrient poor unhealthy eating styles.

People eat so frequently, not only because of low nutrient meals, but also because… within an hour or two of not consuming foods their body starts to detoxify, usually creating uncomfortable symptoms. Most of us have interpreted this uncomfortable experience as true hunger for most of our lives, when it is really “toxic hunger”; withdrawal symptoms that confuse us and drive us to eat more in the same way a coffee drinker needs more coffee or a heroine addict needs another fix. This happens when you eat nutrient-poor does such as junk food diets, the SAD, for weight loss-only or half baked healthier diets that ultimately get us in trouble because we were never eating nutrient rich. All are at the root of why people go on diets.

But when you eat “Superfoods”, these nutrient rich healthy foods, are a) meeting both your nutrient needs at an accelerated rate, and b) flooding your body with phyto (plant) chemicals by the thousands, which detoxify your body in addition to the work of vitamins and minerals. This “Super Duo” set of actions both stabilize and strengthens your immune system, and this is where another secret gets revealed…

The Secret

The secret to Nutrient Rich eating or “Superfood Eating” as we sometimes call it, and avoiding overeating, is this: Before eating comes into play, you must realize that you are fueling your body first. When the focus on is on eating alone, you will almost always over eat.

In the Nutrient Rich Superfood, High Nutrient Density, or Nutritarian world of eating, “less is more” because you get more nutrients from less food instead of less nutrients from more food. It’s the reason why greens must be the basis of the eating style.

In a Nutrient Rich® healthy eating style, your nutritional needs will be met relatively fast, with some exceptions that are not the focus of this blog post. So, you had better have a balanced lifestyle focused on bigger goals than eating healthy, else you will overeat.

Every success, is about overcoming a challenge that is usually hidden. And the challenge with the healthiest way to eat, is that it’s easy to overeat so you must adjust your mindset over time.

Want Support?

Here at we support people like you in making nutrient rich healthy eating work for you. It’s amazing and our mission is to make sure that everybody learns how to eat healthy in a fun, powerful and flexible way that works for them at the lowest possible cost possible!

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