What is a flexitarian?

A Flexitarian is someone who recognizes that eating predominantly Nutrient Rich foods is the way to go but understands that being idealistic is not the way to be in an modern society where you can’t always get your preferences met, (even though it’s easier than ever before in the history of mankind); therefore they are somewhat flexible (within reasons unique to the individual). This is called living ideally in a way that works for you… given where you’re at.

It’s not about being in a vegan, vegetarian, a carnivore, a macrobiotic, a standard junk food junkie, “moderation” in everything eater or any other nutritional “camp” which are divisive by nature and usually leave out missing characteristics to a bigger more successful whole.

There is a “sweet spot” though when it comes to eating successfully. Where you get free of diet traps and dieting, promote your health optimally, and set yourself up for success… looking feeling and performing better.

The Nutrient Rich Lifestyle system caters uniquely to this point of view with understanding of the ins and outs, the theory, practice and practicality of such an approach with an emphasis on eating a Nutrient Rich diet on a total dietary intake basis, balancing intake with activity and remembering that there is more to diet, weight and health issues than food alone.

Learn more, start with reading The Nutrient Rich Revolution.

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