Nutrient Rich™ Superfoods Supports Athletes of All Ages and Skill Levels

Nutrient Rich Superfoods and Performance Lifestyle, Inc., leaders in natural food products and nutrition and lifestyle education, recently announced the launch of a new line of grab-and-go superfood blends.

With this launch, Nutrient Rich Superfoods is expanding its company—and its leadership in the emerging superfood revolution—by setting a high bar for premium, nutrient-dense snack foods. Now the whole family can enjoy nutritional snacks on the go as part of a healthy, performance lifestyle promoting higher levels of achievement.

In conjunction with the launch of our premier line of Superfood Infusions, Nutrient Rich Superfoods is sponsoring the Essex Fall Tune-Up Soccer Tournament, a 3-day youth soccer event co-sponsored by the Livingston and West Orange soccer clubs. The Essex Fall Tune-Up promotes healthy living and enhanced athletic performance by giving youth soccer teams the opportunity to play competitive games prior to the start of their regular season.  The tournament attracts approximately 165 teams from throughout the state of New Jersey, and games are played at various field locations in the two neighboring towns.

Essex Fall Tune-up Soccer Tournament

Why We Sponsor Youth Soccer

Nutrient Rich Superfoods Founder John Allen Mollenhauer (John Allen or “JAM) developed an appreciation of soccer through years of supporting his sister Audra Arestivos’ soccer family. He watched as his nieces and nephew refined their skills and advanced through progressively more challenging leagues, a path that ultimately led to full ride soccer scholarships at top schools for all three children.

Through this personal connection to the sport of soccer and the Essex Fall Tune-Up in particular, it is with great excitement that John Allen chose to have Nutrient Rich sponsor the soccer tournament. In a broader sense, he is proud to support young people as they learn how to fuel their bodies for sports and life.

“In today’s fast-paced world, it’s increasingly important to learn how to function and perform at your best. High performance starts with a nutrient-rich diet.”

The Power of Convenience

Traditional youth fundraising often centers on popular junk foods like candy, sugar water, and soda. This trend makes a certain amount of sense because junk food is cheap to buy, easy to store and transport, and profitable to sell. So kids get caught up in the junk food cycle, and it sells them short. At Nutrient Rich Superfoods, we want parents to know that it doesn’t need to be that way. Health, natural, taste-driven products are now available in convenient formats that both kids and adults love.

“Supposed convenience is no reason to eat poorly. Student-athletes, as well as any kid on the go, can eat healthy food products that hit every attribute of what kids like about food—great taste, convenient, and nutritious.”

This is what Nutrient Rich Superfoods is all about. We make great-tasting products that fit your lifestyle, not only in terms of the quality of the food, but in the way you can consume them.

In 2015, there is no reason why any child or adult should be locked into a junk food diet when there are plenty of tasty natural food products that don’t have the downsides of junk food. Good for you is in this season, so why not make the switch?

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