Low Fat Diets Are Grossly Misrepresented – T Colin Campbell

You wish low fat diet's could do this!

When we started nutrientrich.com our first tag line was the end of low carb, low cal, low fat diets!

Now, as the Nutrient Rich Revolution kicks into gear, the music is really coming out against these terms like “low fat”. As you can see, simply by looking around, low fat diet’s have not worked very well.

Here’s why.

For more than two decades, many commentators have discussed and cussed so-called low-fat diets and gotten away with talking nonsense. It is time to look at some facts.

Virtually all of these discussions are based on recommendations of reports of the National Academy of Sciences during the 1980s when the initial suggestion was made to reduce total dietary fat to 30 percent (from the average of 35-37 percent of calories) — I know because I co-authored the first of these reports on diet and cancer in 1982. Then, during the next decade or so, this 30 percent benchmark became the definition of a low fat diet. A myth was born because this diet did not lead to obesity, as claimed.

During the next 10 years when this low fat myth was growing, average percent dietary fat barely changed — maybe decreasing a couple percentage points to about 33 percent, at best. In reality, the amount of fat consumed INCREASED because total calorie consumption also increased. Furthermore, during this same period of low fat mythology (1980s-1990s), obesity incidence increased.

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