What’s the ONE most important thing people need to know about dieting and their relationship with food?

Recently, I chimed in on The One Thing, by Shawn Phillips, where he asks an expert on a moments notice “What’s the ONE most important thing people need to know about… energy, eating, exercise and all kinds of subjects so that listeners can zero in a golden nugget in a world that can leave you very overwhelmed.

Here’s the segment that I did with Shawn Phillips a few months back on Personal Energy when he first introduced The One Thing to the world.

The New, pressure packed, 5-Minute Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Wisdom radio show. The premise is simple, the topics relevant, the wisdom concentrated, the experts grade-A.

Listen to THE ONE THING and see why I guarantee that you’ll get more real, valuable, actionable wisdom faster and clearer than anywhere else or… well, I challenge you to tell me where you’ve found better info, faster.

This Week’s Topic: Energy

This Week’s “Hot Seat” Question:

Today, Shawn Phillips did another episode.

In this segment he he asks best selling author Brad Pilon, author of the best-selling book, EAT-STOP-EAT, that the ONE question: “What’s the ONE most important thing people need to know about dieting and their relationship with food?”.

You can listen to the 5 minute interview here.

I then asked my comments.

“Brad is right, our food doesn’t love us; I think, in the sense that food doesn’t have a hold on us. It’s not like it has a personality and it doesn’t make us eat it; it’s us who have a hold on food, particularly foods that hijack our taste buds because they are overstimulating (like drugs) and cause us to lose our senses.

We literally can’t trust our senses when our foods are holding us hostage. When they do, don’t you think we could consider that a dysfunctional relationship with food?” read more.

By the way, I will be stopping eating for the last two weeks of December at True North Health to give my body a rest and to eat up all that stored “nutrient rich” food I ate when I wasn’t truly hungry but really tired.

I’m looking forward to losing weight naturally, by doing nothing!

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