Discover the Top 12 Findings of The China Study

The Top 12 Findings of The China Study

The Top 12 Findings of The China Study, will change your life forever for the better and the science behind it all, is among the best you’ll find.

Discover them now.

Learn how they came about…

It was 2004 2006, I was sitting in a fresh food fast food restaurant in North Carolina with T Colin Campbell. We were both working on a business project at the time and we were taking the time to enjoy an amazing salad together. Each day we were there, included a trip to “Soup & Salad”.

At this time, Dr. Campbell was in the process of publishing The China Study and I have been lending a hand in the publishing process. That day though was different.

It was the last day before The China Study was going to be published and I had the opportunity to endorse the book along with some very notable people who were heads and tales more educated on the subject of nutrition than I was. Believe me, I knew plenty to be dangerous. I had started and had a solid understanding of nutrient density and the nutrient profiles of foods along with a solid grounding in health and nutrition principles.

I also had, based on this data, assembled The 3 Classes of Food, and this seemed to withstand some pretty intense scrutiny; but young in my understanding of nutrition still, I realized what an amazing honor it was to be able to share a thought in the front of such a powerful book, written by a titan in the nutritional field.

Why was I in this position? Because I had a passion that was fueled by the power of the findings in this book.

Do you know about The China Study?

Here’s what some experts have had to say about the study.

The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted – The New York Times.

The China Study is the most important book on nutrition and health to come out in the last 75 years. Everyone should read it and it should be the model for all nutrition programs taught at universities. The reading is engrossing if not astounding. The science is conclusive. Dr. Campbell’s integrity and commitment to truthful nutrition education shine through. I interviewed him yesterday and found him to be a warm, genuinely brilliant scientist and humanitarian who speaks only about the real facts. The science is clearly conclusive: the best diet for humans is the vegan diet. Vegan diet stops and reverses most diseases, rejuvenates, slims the body and stops the needless slaughter of animals and ravaging effects of animal farming. Learn why vegan foods are nutritionally complete and how the US government and AMA have abused our trust, perverting the truth about nutrition all in the name of profiteering. Dr. Campbell is a hero who deserves our serious attention.

David Klein
Publisher/Editor of
Living Nutrition Magazine

The China Study describes a monumental survey of diet and death rates from cancer in more than 2,400 Chinese counties and the equally monumental efforts to explore its significance and implications for nutrition and health. Dr. Campbell and his son, Thomas, have written a lively, provocative and important book that deserves widespread attention.

Frank Rhodes, Ph.D., President (1978-1995) Emeritus, Cornell University

The China Study gives critical, life-saving nutritional information for every health-seeker in America. But, it is much more; Dr. Campbell’s expos? of the research and medical establishment makes this book a fascinating read and one that could change the future for all of us. Every health care provider and researcher in the world must read it.

Joel Fuhrman, M.D., Author of the bestselling book,
Eat To Live

If you’re looking to enhance your health, performance and your success read The China Study immediately. Finally, scientifically valid guidance on how much protein we need and where we should get it. The impact of these findings is enormous.

John Allen Mollenhauer

More praise for the book.

It was about that time, that I began working on The Top 12 Findings of The China Study, so this seminal work could get into the hands of as many people as possible who might not otherwise read a book about nutrition, let alone what the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted had to say about diet, weight loss, and long term health.

Along with Thomas Campbell III, Dr. Campbells son and co-author of the book, we sketched out the Top 12 Findings of this study that took decades to conduct and many millions of dollars to see through with the utmost care.

Of course, since then, The China Study has become a bestseller many times over, and its impact on the world has been large and has bloomed into the first-ever course on Plant-Based Nutrition that people around the world are learning at eCornell. By the way, this is the most popular course online at eCornell.

What does this have to do with you?

First, you must know what The Top 12 Findings of this study are; the findings are that impactful.

Second, if you are interested you can learn the next level in nutritional education, and that is plant-based nutrition. Even if you have no interest in sharing this information, the knowledge you receive learning plant-based nutrition will pay health and wellness dividends for a very long time, for you and your family.

The Top 12 Findings of The China Study, will change your life forever for the better and the science behind it all, is among the best you’ll find.

Discover them now.

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