Grapefruit a “Great Fruit???

In today’s New York Times Nicholas Bakalar reports that research in an upcoming edition of The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry show ruby red grapefruits are useful in controlling cholesterol:

Researchers tested 57 patients ages 39 to 72 who had undergone coronary bypass surgery and had found that Zocor, or simvastatin, was ineffective. They divided them randomly into three groups.

Each group consumed the same diet, except that one ate one red grapefruit daily, the second ate one white grapefruit, and the third ate no grapefruit at all. None took lipid-lowering drugs during the test.

After one month, there were no differences in the heart rate, blood pressure or weight of the three groups. Antioxidant activity in both white and red groups was increased compared with the group that ate no grapefruit.

But the group that ate red grapefruit every day also had significantly decreased blood levels of triglycerides.

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