Weight-loss plans shrink next to do-it-yourself diets

Here’s a recent article I read from The Eagle Tribune in MA written by Stacy Finz. It’s the perfect example of why The Nutrient Rich Revolution is in high gear.

It’s titled: "Weight-loss plans shrink next to do-it-yourself diets"

"Forget points. Forget prepackaged meals. Get out of the Zone. Move out of South Beach. Welcome to the new diet – no diet. It seems that more and more Americans are disillusioned by commercial and fad diets and are crafting their own nutrition programs. And they don’t care whether celebrities are endorsing them.

Eighty percent of the people who responded to a recent survey by Mintel International, a marketing research firm that specializes in food, said they are making up their own diet plans by trying to eat less fat and cut calories. Only 6 percent said they are on commercial diets such as Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and NutriSystem. Nearly 70 percent said they aren’t interested in the diets of celebrities.

This is of no surprise because it’s becoming transparent today that the reason why the diet and weight loss industry even exists is because of nutrient poor diets such as most of those listed above.

Eating less of foods that don’t truly serve you to begin with will NEVER solve the problem and end of costing you a lot of time, effort, money and your health. The diet and weight loss industry does not want to solve the problem.

nutrientrich.com does!

1) Hunger will not shut off UNTIL you get the nutrients you need to operate successfully. Hunger is a mechanism to ensure you consume when the body has nutrient needs and until its nutrient needs are met.

2) If you get full but have still not satisfied your nutrient needs, you will continue eating. (To test this eat a huge back of Doritos and see what happens)

3) If one and two are true, then how can you be successful eating less of foods that are not serving you and all your nutrient needs?
You can’t!

Fundamentally speaking, this is why most "diet’s don’t work" and ultimately why Stacy Finz wrote this article, whether she knows these facts or not.

It doesn’t matter what celebrity we attach to an eating practice. Genetics and undisclosed circumstances regarding how that "look" was achieved do not reach you the consumer. It’s just business.

It’s about time you the consumer realize that you don’t have to eat healthy food to be beautiful or buff, exceptional genetics can cover that for a while; but you do want to eat foods that promote your health if you want to be healthy and sustainably successful.

If you’re not genetically gifted and you want to be healthy and improve how you look and feel the only way to accomplish this outcome is to eat a Nutrient Rich diet. Not a specific diet that you have to "stick too" forever, but a Nutrient Rich diet that works for you, that changes and gets even better over time as circumstances change, and that you always enjoy…

The questions you want to be asking are – What is a Nutrient Rich diet? What is your current diet and how do you make it better? Not just what is better and why, but how will you make the transition from what you are currently eating to what you will soon want to be eating for life? This is what it means to to have a do-it-yourself-diet plan.

In order to do this, you need a class system to rank the sources and categories of foods by nutrient density and other criteria that factor into the overall quality of a food and its effect on you, and then you need flexible transition strategies that work based on desire. You have this at nutrientrich.com.

nutrientrich.com is all about:

  • Understanding Nutrient Rich nutrition, not nutrient poor eating and then dieting to deal with the consequences. People are sick and tired of this.
  • Knowing how to transition from your current eating plan to a new more Nutrient Rich eating plan you can call your own while you accomplish your goals.
  • Eating great tasting foods, in simple quick and easy ways (for the most part) that promote your health and living at or near your ideal weight.

Read the rest of this article here.

Any by the way, it’s about much more than merely eating more fruits and vegetables!

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