Sample Menu at the Dr Fuhrman Getaway

Eat like this and live at or near your ideal weight

Typically when you go to a conference or a “getaway”, it’s a week or two of over indulgence in stuff that leaves you needing a vacation from your vacation, a weight loss diet to lose the 5 – 10 pounds you gained and a trip to the doctor.

The food is almost always nutrient poor, and it’s everywhere. One one front, you are there to improve your life and your business, yet, for at least the days you are there, it’s an all out assault on your body. You leave literally full of shit.

It’s not just the quality of the food, but when you go to most conferences, the information may be great, but you are left overloaded, overwhelmed, exhausted and needing to drink just to stay sane as the schedule does not take into consideration that you are a human, not a machine and you have to recuperate your vital energy.

I had that overwhelming experience just a few weeks ago when I was speaking in New Orleans at a “Health Care” convention. Yes, “health care”. I was surrounded with nutrient poor food, the schedule was none stop and I actually lost a full night’s sleep that left me in personal energy debt all week.

It had nothing to do with the people or the promoters of the conference, it was great; it had everything to do with the culture of what’s accepted. I blogged this experience here. Thank god I live a Performance Lifestyle.

It doesn’t have that to that way and DrFuhrman get’s it. He understands that when you getaway, you want to come back in balance, with vibrant health and peace of mind.

Now of course we are also at DrFuhrman’s Health Getaway, and you are unlikely to have a menu like this anywhere in the world for a solid week unless it’s your lifestyle at home. As you know we are helping you establish the lifestyle at Nutrient

Now there are conferences that serve healthy food, but not quite this nutrient rich. Nutritarian’s from all over the world are here to learn how to eat the most nutrient rich foods in the greatest tasting ways. And oh my god, great tasting is an understatement.

I had a carrot cake last night was so natural and nutrient rich that I ate it first and could have had it for dinner. I then proceeded to eat braised baby bock choy with mushrooms and all the toppings you could want… and then yes, I had another piece of carrot cake. 🙂

That can only happen when you eat Nutrient Rich!

Of course, this amazing dinner (which believe it or not, you can duplicate simply at home) this was after several lectures during the day that were separated by exercise with DrFuhrman, trainers and yoga instructors with plenty of time to nap! Ahhh.

Now that’s a conference. You getaway and come back smarter and healthier!

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