Buffets and The Last Supper Syndrome

Buffets can be trouble waiting to happen, even if they are the healthiest kind.

What happens to us at buffet/all you can eat style eating is we want to eat all we can eat!

Lots of different thoughts flood our minds at these “feedings”. You may be thinking, “it’s here so I might as well eat it”, “it’s already paid for , let me get my money’s worth”, “its so good you can’t resist”, and “I’ll never have this opportunity to eat like this again or any time soon” countless others that are all part of what we call: The Last Supper Syndrome.

Here at Dr. Fuhrman’s Healthy Getaway, the food ( 3 meals a day) are served buffet style. This is not your typical buffet by any means. It is truly whole, nutrient rich foods, 100% from every gorgeous leaf green, fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, and a delicious array of Dr. Fuhrman salad dressings made from nuts and seeds.

A swimming array of colors and flavors fill the beautiful bowls and rows of linen draped tables on the outdoor veranda of plush greenery and flowers. Alright, enough of that , you get the picture, and if you don’t, see above.

By the way, you really may want to consider joining us next year at this event. We’ll talk more about that later.

But there was a lesson in this for all of us. Even Dr Fuhrman had to point it out for us. No sooner would breakfast be done, we would sit through a few lectures and events, exercise and lunch would show up. Yet, we were all still full from breakfast!

We are eating nutrient rich food after all.

So we all had to practice the one skill that even trumps the last supper syndrome and all facets of it.It became a theme for the week and every one talked about it as we all faced our constant satiation.

Eat when you are hungry; stop when you are about 75% full. Don’t worry there will be plenty of food available when it’s time to eat again!

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