3 Steps to Learning How to Eat For Health and Avoid Overeating!

Eating With Friends at DrFuhrman's Health Getaway

First, make sure you are eating nutrient rich foods

Second, make sure you are eating because you are hungry, not for any other primary reason.

Third, stop when you are about 75% full.

BTW, I listed a bonus step below. 😉

One of the reasons why I am in the position to be publishing nutrientrich.com is because I have had the privilege of learning from DrFuhrman and others who understand health and lifestyle science.

Over the past 20 years, I have continued to learn more and more, and finally identified the cornerstone of nutrition itself, nutrient rich nutrition.

In addition to reading books and hanging with the pros, I learn from others experience and I do so at live events all the time. Every time, I come back from a live event, my life and style of thinking and living takes a major leap forward.

Even yesterday, after hearing Dr Fuhrman nearly 500 times in my life time, I learned new information about eating that will help me make “Tweaks” in my eating patterns that will last a lifetime.

One of the biggest things I learned yesterday was more about the mind set that enables you to avoid overeating.

Dr Fuhrman made a point about forgetting you have a stomach. What do you mean John Allen? How can I forget I have a stomach??

Well, assuming you are eating nutrient rich foods, when you finish eating, you should not feel your stomach any more than you feel your spleen or your kidneys, as we don’t “feel” either.

That being true, if you feel your stomach after you eat, in a significant way, you have already overeaten.

This was a big wake up call for me, who tends to eat more than I need mostly because I just love trying new nutrient rich foods and meals and yes, I eat emotionally at times. (telling on myself ;-)) many people do.

So yesterday I practiced this “Exercise with Food” as Dr Fuhrman calls it and got up from the table without feeling my I had added another body part around my waist (i.e, without feeling my stomach).

It was not easy at first, given there was a whole buffet of pre -prepared foods that were incredibly healthy. The bottom line, is, I was was already full.

I ate just enough at lunch, so? that I would be hungry from dinner and I must say the pleasure of dinner was so much better!

So there are three basic steps you can take to learn how to eat for health and avoid over eating.

  1. First, make sure you are eating nutrient rich
  2. Second, make sure you are eating because you are hungry, and not for any other “primary” reason.
  3. Third, stop when you are about 75% full.

Bonus step: Consider how else can you get pleasure and keep yourself occupied other than eating. It’s not a pastime, not unless you want to have to pass allot of time trying to lose weight.

That’s how you avoid overeating, even when it’s healthy, nutrient rich food!

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