The 2 Ways That Ensure You Will Almost Always Eat Healthy

What’s the  #1 and #2 ways to ensure that you you will eat healthy?

  1. Convenience
  2. Taste!

To be able to eat healthy all the time, it’s got to be convenient and it’s got to taste good! That’s exactly what most food stuff producers (not real foods) are hooking you with and guess what the results are…

Unhealthy Results from unhealthy foods that are convenient and taste good.

– Caffeine dependent
– Eats one of less servings of fruits & vegetables per day
– 45% of calories come from fat
– 34 teaspoons of sugar intake daily
– Low energy level
– Higher stress level
– More likely to develop arthritis
– More Sleepless nights
– More Risk of depression
– 30-40% increase in cancer risk
– 4 times more likely to develop diabetes
– High blood pressure
– High Cholesterol
– Overweight & “over fat”
– Increased Risk of sexual dysfunction.

Do you have a personal nutrition center?

Healthy results from foods that are convenient and taste great! (great means you love em and stay healthy at the same time)

– Eats at 5-9 servings of vegetables and fruits per day (base of their diet)
– Sugar intake many from produce sources
– Eats meat 1-2 times per week or close to that.
More restful sleep
– Less affected by stress
– Longer average lifespan
– Less risk of all cancers
– Higher energy levels
– Increased Virility
Lives at or near their ideal weight all year round.
– Low risk of depression
– Increased productivity at work!

Ref: Vitamix

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