Just Snacks or a Lifestyle Solution?

“Pouch Food” Expands its Reach From Babies to Adults—Creating a Convenient and Nutritious Way to Eat On the Go

When our founder—performance coach and lifestyle entrepreneur John Allen Mollenhauer—discovered a breakthrough in healthy eating, it didn’t come from a sports nutrition aisle or from the local Vitamin Shoppe or GNC. It came from the most unusual and unexpected place he could have imagined: an visit to a drugstore. This was the “aha moment” for Nutrient Rich® NRg Infusions.

But was there a larger trend behind this discovery? Yes: the whole idea of food in a flexible pouch.

adult-baby-foodBaby-food-style pouches containing pureed or liquidized food first revolutionized the most obvious market—babies.
Babies don’t yet have teeth or coordination with utensils, and have a natural affinity for the nipple spout—making portable pouches a perfect baby-food solution. This trend soon expanded to include toddlers and younger children.

But now, flexible food pouches are also being marketed to adults, who have been enjoying their convenience as well.

It’s a natural transition. Done right, food pouches can provide fast, truly healthy, great-tasting fuel for consumers who require a mess-free and portable snack.

Adults, however, want and need more than “adult baby food.” Adults have more sophisticated palates and specific nutritional requirements.

The ideal on-the-go food pouches for adults offer not only fruits and vegetables, but the latest and most proven superfoods, supplemental nutrients, and sophisticated flavors.

The best of these products will provide enough fuel to satisfy, be of the highest and purest quality (organic, non-GMO), and help the consumer meet vital nutrition needs.

As well as the essential delivery of whole, plant-based, nutrient-rich superfoods, the pouch trend is very much about the flexible packaging itself, which lends itself to the widest array of life situations.

When you just don’t have the time to sit down for a meal—on a bike or a hike, in between meetings, in the car, during class, or between games at a tournament—the flexible pouch brings authentic food into your diet even during the tight spots in your day.

Most of us today live fast-paced, active, dynamic lives—and many of us are “online” all day long, whether engaged with a device or in service to others. And while this lifestyle does not completely preclude preparing quick healthy meals or even amazing gourmet dinners when there’s time, there are also those moments when only an on-the-go convenience snack will do.

That’s where the new Nutrient Rich® Life is focused. We want to provide the most nutritious, highest quality natural food products with the most convenient delivery—and the most outstanding flavor.

We’re committed to foods that provide what you need, without unnecessary additives, in as close to their natural state as possible—so the way you eat works for you, not against you.

So many people default to nutrient-poor foods when they don’t have the time or energy to make better choices. Nutrient Rich® Life aims to change that.

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