Why not just eat an apple, banana, or peach as a superfood snack?


Or what about a handful of almonds or cashews, some veggie sticks and hummus, a piece of organic dark chocolate, or a no-sugar-added fruit-and-nut bar on the go? Isn’t that cheaper and just as easy as eating food from a pouch?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating foods like those as a snack. In fact, we encourage including a wide variety of natural foods in meals and snacks.

One of the many values we maintain in this business is our commitment to whole, plant-based nutrient-rich foods in as close to their natural state as possible.

We never attempt to replace the consumption of fresh produce or sit-down nutrient-rich meals, nor do we suggest anyone else do so.

At Nutrient Rich Life, we value fresh produce and nutrient-rich meals, and are committed to this fundamental of successful living.

It’s because we so value these standards that we were willing to create natural products that could uphold those same standards—just for those times when we’re too busy or “in-between” to cook and eat a meal, make a smoothie, or even gather a handful of snacks.

Even though fresh whole foods and nutrient-rich meals are the highest standard, we saw a need in today’s lifestyle for something more—a way to get superfoods SUPER-fast, in one ideal package.

We’re creating these superior natural products as a way to offer performance lifestyle nutrition when you need it most—with added nutrients, unique flavors, and ultra convenience with flexible stable packaging.

The intensity of life on this planet today—the fast pace at which we live, and the performance it demands of us all—make it both crucial to be healthy and well-fueled, AND ironically hard to get that healthy fuel at times.

And although a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts or some veggies can make a handy and convenient snack in some situations, there are others in which those snacks are not convenient enough—and also may not be enough of the right nutrition for the moment.

First of all, many healthy natural foods are not so easy to carry in a pack or purse (consider, for example, the banana or the hummus).

Natural foods in their original “packaging” also are not always shelf-stable products with a long life (again, the above examples included).

An NRg Infusion doesn’t “go bad” or bruise and can be packed without destroying your clothes. In certain travel, business, and sporting situations, that’s better than fresh produce.

What’s more, in some cases even natural whole foods don’t offer all the benefits of specialized natural products enhanced and designed to meet very specific nutrient needs.

The nutrients we need most don’t always come together in a single food. Many of us don’t have the time every day to combine all the different foods we need to get all the nutrients we need.

But what if you could get a natural, delicious and nutrient-dense serving of performance superfood in one flexible, portable, tidy package?

You can—because that’s exactly what we’ve created.

Because nutrients don’t always come all together in one “package” naturally, we’ve done nature one better—by combining organic, non-GMO fruits and veggies with chia seeds and Vitamins B12 and D in a tasty superfood smoothie.

And this powerhouse blend of goodness is innovatively packaged to last 12 months without refrigeration!

An apple or a handful of almonds is certainly nutritious, but the concentrated, innovative superfood nutrition you get from the premium ingredients in an NRg infusion will supercharge your performance and your taste buds in a unique way.

Here’s another thing to consider—while foods such as apples and nuts are certainly nutritious, there are other super-healthy foods that it’s harder to include in our diets conveniently.

How many of us enjoy peeling and chopping beets? How easy is it to peel and open a dripping mango at a sporting event or business meeting—or carry a handful of strawberries around? Aren’t there days when even tearing up kale for a smoothie is less than expedient?

Some of the most nutritious superfoods are the ones that are least quick and easy to prepare and transport—so this is an awesome, convenient way to get them (bonus: paired with other benefit-packed ingredients).

All that said, we ourselves still eat a wide variety of delicious healthy whole foods on a regular basis, and don’t always default to an NRG Infusion. We do both, because each has its merits in specific situations.

Different products and foods have different attributes and nutrient profiles. The key is to use foods and products in situations where they’re the best fit. And NRg Infusions are a marvelous fit for some situations—and are meant to be part of a whole-foods, plant based, nutrient-rich approach to eating.

That’s why NRg Infusions don’t have to replace a banana or a peach, a handful of nuts, a baggie of crunchy veggies, or even a dark chocolate treat.

But there will be times in our extremely mobile, engaged, on-the -go lives when a well-crafted packaged natural product offers advantages that even fresh produce—“the world’s original fast food”—does not.

Besides all that, some folks just enjoy smoothies! Smoothies offer many people faster digestion and nutrient uptake, concentrated nutrition, and a novel taste and texture experience.

So when you want a smoothie, now you’ve got one without any prep or clean-up—and one that can neatly travel anywhere.

Finally, we believe that for people who are not already used to eating natural, whole, plant-based foods, NRg Infusions will be a delicious and fun introduction that will help set them on a path toward this eating style—and help keep them there!

Our motto: enjoy a wide variety of delicious whole foods in their natural (or near natural) states, including nutrient-rich sit-down meals. But for those times when you just can’t, NRg Infusions are a supremely healthy, wonderfully tasty and extremely fast and convenient option.

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