Starting the Day with Sun-Derived Plant-Based Nutrients

Sometimes it is truly amazing to realize how much of our daily lives are directly linked to the sun and to our diets. Our energy levels and our general daily functionality in the world we live in are all connected to the diet we choose to live by—and that diet is directly influenced by the energy of the sun. Our overall health is affected by so many things that we encounter—or we don’t encounter—every day. It is harder for us to get going on those sunless, overcast days or if we have to get up while it is still dark. Some days and in some places, you can’t even see the sun because of smog and other pollution. If the sun is out—even when the temperature is cold, don’t you always feel so much better? The sun can lift our spirits and lift our energy levels both directly and by the foods we eat—remember that a plant-based nutrient rich diet produces the nutrients we rely on by directly converting the energy of the sun by the photosynthetic process. So why not supplement your daily nutritional needs with the most effective boost you have at your disposal?

What exactly is the most effective boost at your disposal? The answer to that question is simple. By choosing a diet that

is largely (we suggest at least 90%) or More Plant Based Nutrient Rich foods. In other words, those foods that grows naturally on the planet! Plant based foods are simply the best way to give your body the energy and nutrients you need. The reason for this source of energy is the fact that plants receive their energy directly from the strongest energy source in our solar system, the sun. Plants vegetables, fruits, beans legumes, raw nuts and seeds, and whole grains) take the sun’s energy and through photosynthesis transfer the sun’s energy into the nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy. And these plants have a very nutrient dense nutritional value—this is what makes them an ideal choice for your diet. Data from large studies have definitively shown that vegetarian and vegan diets (even better when optimized for nutrient density) result in a healthier life, decreased early deaths, decreased deaths from heart disease and a decreased incidence of a number of chronic diseases.[1],[2],[3]

Now that the decision to live a nutrient rich life has been made, where do you start looking for your ideal meals? Many supermarkets carry a variety of nutrient rich foods for you to choose from. Most communities also have a farmers market where many organic, pure foods can be found. It’s probably best to begin with vegetables and fruits that you are already familiar with before you begin experimenting with non traditional foods so as not to shock your taste buds out of your new life plan. But remember that there are many nutrient rich foods that you can choose from!

The next step in this plan should be to purchase the Nutrient Rich® Healthy Eating System that will help you save years of time effort and money and give you the most direct path to eating successfully, the same way people in-the-know about health and nutrition do, even after they have been eating healthy for 20 years or more… These guides will give you several ideas on meals that you can make and get you started living a nutrient-rich life! These Nutrient Rich Recipe Guide v1.0 will also give you ideas on what kinds of different ingredients you can use—perhaps ingredients that you have never even thought about before!

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