Lose Weight the Nutrient Rich Way in 2012

If you are going to lose weight, do it the nutrient-rich way. It’s very different, than the nutrient deprivation approach that so many people are used to, or proactively eating less (dieting) and dependency on obsessively exercising to burn calories to lose weight.

I’ll share with you a few insights on each of these going-nowhere approaches to losing weight that make up most of the $50B diet industry supposedly about helping you lose weight, when really it’s about keeping you diet trapped!

  • Nutrient Deprivation: or manipulation is about drastically cutting or eliminating carbohydrate out of your diet. The problem with this approach is that our bodies run on carbohydrate for fuel and we ALL have a sweet tooth, for that very reason. Carbohydrates are sweet, even natural carbs. When most people cut their carbohydrate they typically cut out plant foods, where there is ample, natural carbohydrate, and base their diets on fish, chicken and other meats which are also devoid of carbohydrate and great for quick-fix weight loss (water loss). The minute you do this you are now eating nutrient poor because animal foods are nutrient poor, missing whole categories of nutrients; the most important being phytochemicals. You can’t be healthy this way, therefore you will always have weight and health problems.

  • Proactively eating less: This is dieting, and most people are proactively eating less on top of nutrient deprivation. Meaning, the nutrient needs their body is striving to meet, aren’t getting met, and now they are eating less on top of it! This is like having your food on the break and the gas pedal at the same time; you will chase your tail this way. Nobody can do this, unless you are an adept dieter almost warrior-like with deprivation. Some people can do it, as they buy into the “heroic” story of weight loss thinking that they must live this deprived live to deal with their lot in life. It’s a great accomplishment, losing weight, but it’s not heroic and doesn’t require heroism. It requires that you understand how to eat in a nutrient rich way, as part of a successful lifestyle.

  • Dependency on exercise to burn calories: This is the all time biggest sham ever! Exercise is not about losing weight, it’s about getting fit. Sure, you use more calories when you exercise; your weight will fluctuate with increased activity levels and usually in the right direction, but trying to burn up nutrient poor and nutrient barren calories by relying on exercise is a futile way of life. It also does not prevent your from experiencing health complications even if you were to maintain a lower weight.

There is a diet trap that is holding almost everyone back from getting all the health and natural weight loss benefits they want and it is eating 90% or more nutrient poor food! No matter what type of diet you go on Paleo, low carb, vegan, vegetarian, low fat, low cal, low glycemic, gluten free etc… if you are eating nutrient poor you will struggle guaranteed, or sell yourself short from getting ALL the health benefits that you deserve from a nutrient rich healthy eating style.

To name the top health benefits…

  • Detoxification from the accumulation of saturated fat, cholesterol, refined and added oil, salt and sugar that are causing problems in your system.

  • Reversal of diet style-induced diseases, like diabetes, and heart-disease…

  • Natural Weight Loss, which happens when you know the cycles your body has to get through before you eat again.

  • Slower Aging and a younger look, which happens when you aren’t eating overstimulating food that promotes inflammation, and super fast growth…

  • Maximized Longevity, which is the natural result of getting more nutrients in less calories, causing less stress, wear and tear on your body, and managing your energy!

When you lose weight the nutrient rich way, you engage in the same natural process that healthy people living at or near their ideal weight engage in to maintain their healthy state. You get ALL your nutrient needs met, get free of substances you’ll inevitably have to withdraw from (detoxify) that create addictions, and eat when you are truly hungry… when all three of these dynamics are in play, you WILL lose weight, only now in a nutrient rich way!

Make the Switch to Rich; begin the Nutrient Rich® Healthy Eating Plan with Nutrition Transition support.

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