Optimize The Way You Eat by Taking These 5 Steps

Optimize the way you eat.

That means, make the Switch to 90% or More Plant-Based Nutrient Rich eating, the cornerstone of a healthy eating style, in which you ideally want ninety percent of the foods you eat to come from leafy greens, colored vegetables, fruits, beans, raw nuts and seeds, and whole grains, and ten percent or less of the foods you eat to come from animal products and refined foods.

So, if you were to eat 2000 calories each day, 200 calories or less could come from beef, chicken, fish, dairy, eggs, bread, pasta, flour, sugar, oils and salt. Why? Because they are nutrient-poor, and in some cases, nutrient-barren foodstuffs (foods so devoid of micro-nutrients that not only is what you are eating loaded with calories, but the calories (macronutrients) you are eating, are not ideal for the human system or packaged with the (micro-nutrients) that enable the body to function right).

This is the predicament most people find themselves in. They are eating diets where up to 90% or more of the calories they consume are coming from nutrient-poor foods, and they wonder why they are having such difficulty with weight issues and health complications.

Their bodies are overwhelmed with calories, in the case of the Standard American Diet eater, or deprived of calories, in the case of the weight loss-only dieter, or confused, with one foot closer to the promised land of healthy eating, but irritated because of all the added salt, oil and sugar they are consuming, as half-baked “healthier” eaters.

In all three cases, their bodies are dysfunctional to the extent that they are unable to effectively run their cellular machinery, which is needed to keep the body detoxified and functioning right with everything from true hunger signals and senses they can trust, to a clear understanding of what’s really going on when thyey get sick (most, not all of the time).

Their immune function is low because of such low levels of phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, and fiber (which give rise to probiotic bacterial growth) making them even more susceptible to viral infections, bacterial infections, flus, etc.

Are you getting the picture?

So, when I’m talking about optimizing the way you eat, its doesn’t mean eating less, or playing around with protein, fat and carbs, or simply eating “healthier” versions of the foods you are currently eating, like eating less egg yolks, or taking the skin off your chicken. Rather, it means making a “Switch” from eating predominantly nutrient- poor foods, to eating to predominantly nutrient-rich foods. And, since virtually all nutrients originally come from plants, making them the most nutrient-rich, health- promoting and protective foods there are, it naturally makes sense that you would be eating More Plant-Based Nutrient Rich.

But, notice that I am not referring tho this as organic, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, non-GMO, low glycemic, low cal, low carb, low fat or any other type of diet regimen. The reason is simple–a nutrient-rich diet can be all of the above or not, depending on how you design your eating style.

These other eating styles are simply other ways you can optimize the way you eat nutrient rich. Eating More Plant-Based Nutrient Rich, makes every one of them possible,and some more likely, than others, depending upon your preferences. You can take eating nutrient rich as far as you want to take it.

So, the concept is simple. When you make the Switch to nutrient-rich healthy eating, you are  optimizing the way you eat for all the the Success Results you are always hearing me talking about, but so few every really experience — a detoxified body, natural weight loss, dramatically improved health and personal performance, reversal of lifestyle-induced diseases, slower aging,  a younger look and a longer life.

To get those results you want to take these 5 steps.

  1. Make a wholehearted decision to Switch to nutrient-rich healthy eating.
  2. Begin by eating More Plant-Based Nutrient Rich foods,
  3. Break free of the vicious cycle of eating nutrient poor,
  4. Optimize your diet for nutrients, density, volume, variety, and great taste, free of addictive substances, so you can eat the right amount of calories for you with the help of our Premium Membership
  5. Develop a healthy lifestyle to support your success.

Healthy eating, like successful living, is the foundation on which you can better achieve and enjoy what you want. Any eating style that is not healthy, or tricks or manipulates calories to lose weight only, or emphasizes growth and muscular development, in ways that compromise health, is not only difficult to maintain, it doesn’t end well.

Is the path you are on going to take you where you want to go? It will–if it’s a nutrient rich path.

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