There Really is a Fountain of Youth!

There really is a “fountain of youth.” It’s not a fictitious idea, or dependent on you finding some mysterious chalice, arc, or destination. Slower aging, a younger look and a longer life, with vitality that lasts till the end, comes from a lifestyle that doesn’t use you up and wear down your body, faster than you want it too.

The most important aspect of this fountain is managing your personal energy, a subject I find most fascinating as a performance-oriented, highly-motivated person, who must stay healthy, recuperated and energetic, and fit. But, to most people, the cornerstone of your lifestyle, is how you eat. And, no one knows more about the healthiest way to eat, than my mentor, Joel Fuhrman M.D, the leading researcher on high nutrient density eating, and author of Eat to Live.

Did you catch Joel Fuhrman, MD, on The Dr. Oz Show on Tuesday, September, 19, 2012? If not, you really should watch the segment.

This segment really speaks to what we are doing here at—when you eat in a nutrient-rich way, you will achieve these 7 Success Results:

1)   A Detoxified Body
2)   Natural Weight Loss
3)   Dramatically Improved Health
4)   Disease Reversal (obesity, heart disease and diabetes, etc.)
5)   Slower Aging
6)   A Younger Look
7)   Maximized Longevity

Look at number 7, who doesn’t want to live a long and healthy life? Nutrient-rich healthy eating is essentially a path to your own personal holy grail. In fact, Click hereto view a clip from the Dr. Oz website about Dr. Fuhrman’s show, as they pose the question “Has This Doctor Found the Fountain of Youth?”

As usual, Dr. Fuhrman’s segment was terrific. He really nailed the subject. He shared some very interesting, inspiring and impactful information. Anyone listening, who doesn’t at least stop for a minute to ponder their own eating habits and mortality, isn’t really listening at all.

But, what struck me as being the most shocking was that the segment after Dr. Furman’s was on different ways to eat for different body types, and it basically talked about how people, with addictions to different types of foods, such as salty potato chips, chocolate covered popcorn, and ice cream, somehow had different metabolisms and required different diets. It was sort of like eating right for your blood type, which is pseudo-science at best. Unfortunately, a good portion of the foods recommended (regardless of metabolic type) are proven artery cloggers, weight gainers, and cancer promoters. I was stunned!

Now, we are all reasonable people here, (hopefully) so I am wondering who thinks they can really lose weight eating high-fat cheese, chicken and bread, and maintain their health, let alone achieve all 7 of the Success Results above? You can’t. The world is a funny place. No sooner was the world’s healthiest diet put on display, than the very next segment was designed to appeal to our food addictions. And, that folks is how the weight-loss and nutrition businesses really work. They keep people stuck in the vicious cycle of eating nutrient poor. Even the participants were scared to eat the foods recommended. And, this was the Dr. Oz Show!

However, at, we do recognize the need for people to know that they can still enjoy their old food favorites, even if they are nutrient poor. The key is in eating 90% or More Plant-Based Nutrient Rich® the majority of the time. And, when needed, it is important to understand that you would never want to eat beyond 10%, with a maximum of 20%, of your diet coming from nutrient-poor foods. This percentage is incredibly important because the less nutrient-poor, low-nutrient foods you eat, the more you desire nutrient-rich foods. And, the reverse is also true. At 90%, food cravings, for unhealthy foods, will disappear.

So, what is the bottom line? Become a nutrient-rich healthy eater and gain your fountain of youth. Watch Dr. Fuhrman’s segment on Dr. Oz., for an in depth look into this great-tasting healthy eating style.

Want to learn more about this eating style? Check out some of the nutrient-rich Dr. Fuhrman products on our site. (I love the flavored vinegars and use them daily!) You should also check out The Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating Plan on, which is the most direct path to success. We have simplified the large body of knowledge around high-nutrient density eating, and this is a great launch point. Before you know it, you will be doing what even the seasoned pros are doing. And, if you are just getting started, and want to start eating nutrient rich, even before you read just one page on the topic, check out Living Feast, a live, raw, organic superfood nutrition product, for an on-the-go nutrient infusion. It is a light meal replacement that tastes great, is full of powerful phytonutrients, and is great for you.

At, we strive to provide you with the best nutrient-rich information, products and services available.

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