Inspired by Natural Hygiene—The Original Health Science

While all of us here at Performance Lifestyle, Inc are gearing up for our next phase of providing environmentally friendly, grab n’ go food solutions for people “on-the-go,” with our brand, Nutrient Rich Superfoods™ we will continue to share influential insights into why eating in a more plant-based, nutrient-rich way is not only awesome for you, but an imperative if we ever want to fix the food system we all depend on.

In this episode, we thought we would start with the health philosophy and science that inspired us to launch Nutrient Rich Superfoods to begin with.

Natural Hygiene.

What is that?

DEFINITION: “Hygiene is properly defined as that branch of biology which designates the conditions upon which health depends and the means by which it may be sustained in all its virtue and purity while we have it, and the means upon which its restoration rests when we have lost it.
— It is the scientific application of the principles of nature in the preservation and restoration of health.” “Hygienic means health preserving. Practically, it implies the observance of the laws of life.” H. Shelton, 1968, ch.10

At the time I discovered natural hygiene, though an organization called the American Natural Hygiene Society, whose history spans well over one hundred 100 years, and is known today as the National Health Association (NHA); I was 19 years old. That was 28 years ago.

Why you want to get to know the NHA. 

In the time since I was first introduced to this transformational health science, natural hygiene has transitioned from the principle-powered health philosophy it has been successfully for a very long time, with albeit imperfect science due to the limitations in technology in earlier times, to becoming THE science of health. It has been validated by the explosion in science around the world in recent decades, including the research by several esteemed modern day members of the Association itself; with practices, focused on fastingsleepnutritionresearch, and more.

If that weren’t enough, and I’m sure you don’t know this; it was the NHA that seriously influenced several of the world’s top luminaries and the writing of several of today’s biggest and best selling books in the world on health, nutrition and lifestyle. Such as: Fit for LifeLiving Health by Tony Robbins, Eat to Live The China StudyEngine 2 Diet and many more.

Not only did the NHA change my life in a big way, through reading and actually participating in the development of some of the works above; it’s the organization that ultimately inspired the emergence of Nutrient Rich Superfoods™— the nutrition and natural products brand of Performance Lifestyle, Inc. In our Performance Lifestyle® training we teach nutrient-rich nutrition as part of The 12 Lifestyle Routines You Need to Know to Live and Work Like a Pro, for a healthier, happier and more productive life.

Of course, by that logic the NHA played an inspirational role in the creation of Nutrient Rich Superfoods™.

All of the author / entrepreneurs above, including myself, were profoundly influenced by natural hygiene and the National Health Association.

In my view and in the view of thousands of others I’m sure; the National Health Association has done as much or more than any well-known medical organization in existence to influence not only health, but successful living.

I remember saying at that time, about the teachings of natural hygiene; “this is utterly amazing and literally life transforming… and way less than 3% of the world even knows this kind of health information exists. What would happen if the other 97%% understood this?”

And that was just the fundamentals of healthy living. The emergence of a healthy, performance lifestyle is only now coming into existence.

With that in mind, it’s became my mission ever since I became a member of the National Health Association, back in in 1988, to share and parlay what I’ve learned and continue to learn through the Health Science Journal to the rest of the world.

And that’s a big reason why I ultimately founded Performance Lifestyle Inc’ with a Nutrient Rich Superfoods™ product line. We call our company Performance Lifestyle Inc, because it’s based on the mindset, inspired by the world of elite athletics, that teaches people how to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle because it promotes their ability to function, perform well and succeed in life.

It’s also why I’ve become a Performance Lifestyle Advisor. It’s my assertion that ever since the information age kicked into gear in the 70’s, 80’s and subsequently exploded in the 90’s and 2000’s, prompting the pace of life to move into hyper drive, or what we like to call a “performance culture”; the need to understand the fundamentals of healthy, performance living has never been greater.

Had it not been for the influence of the NHA, I’m not sure I would be doing what I do today, in the way I AM doing it. I am seriously grateful for this influence.

Here’s how the story was told in a winter 2016 edition of Health Science. 

Live Like a Pro,

John Allen Mollenhauer, “JAM”

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